Mealtime Spent with the Family

“A family that eats together, stays together.”

When my children had their own lives as early they were in college, we were never been complete especially in our dinner table.

I realized all of us have our own lives to face. We missed them when they were still young who were with us from morning till dawn.

My life concentrated with them. As a mother, I prepared what they eat, from breakfast, their packed lunch and hurry up going home for dinner.

Everytime they had the chance to got home literally, one thing that me and husband requested to them is to eat together as in everywhere they like either outside and at home.

Mealtime Spent with the Family

I came to stumble this video of Marcelo Santos Mealtime Confessions Vlog which has the same predicaments we feel when we like to have our children be with us during meal time.

To tell you honestly, we make it a point to practice this once in a while. We also change routine. I can cook a meal, then after that, it’s hubby’s turn or its either my son or my daughter.

Best part, we can all do it at the same time just to prepare a meal.

It is therapeutic for the family even this would take us two to three hours being together in one meal. After that, we are up to go for other commitments like school or work that needed our time attention.

Mealtime Spent with the Family

Especially if you have also at home preparing a cook meal to share, this is also the opportunity to create a platform for family to relax and laugh together.

It would be a simple meal with a simple preparation like Crispy Fry but what matters that even at least in one meal, then it is regarded as one good thing.

Mealtime Spent with the Family

Having some kind of making time to at least one meal a day is regarded for the family as precious time for us.   This is also the tradition we pass to our children which we got to our parents, that is, eating together, sharing and discussing your life is the core of family health.

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