Philly Cheesesteak Pizza is Back

Everyone has tried their share of innovative culinary creations in the fast food market. Flavor and topping combinations too unusual to believe come and go with each new marketing scheme. But sometimes there are those unique specialty items that you can’t bear to see leave the menu. For those who loved it before, the Philly…

Breakfast Just Delightful with Conti’s

One thing that made me love our southern area is the Conti’s branch in Nuvali. I began to love yet crave for their cakes and main dishes eversince in the metro. Like our family especially if we are complete, we bond by doing some jog and after that, a hearty breakfast to share. Breakfast for…

Piattos Aquaman Packs

Jack ‘n Jill Piattos brings an exciting way to enjoy snack time with its new flavor,  Spicy Seafood.

Christmas Gathering with King Sue

During Christmas gathering, part of Filipino tradition is to make the dining tables with bountiful mix of foods. One food that is always presen is the Christmas Ham.