Gumbo’s Orlean Taste of Food

After my experience to taste Rice Paella at Cafe Lupe last weekend with the family, I am craving for another variety of rice dishes to try.

Maybe that is the reason behind why I love to attend also the Mega Food Sale at SM Megamall which I shared to you last week – to avail the free Seafood Jambalaya at Gumbo Restaurant.

For a minimum food purchase of P 500.00, there would be a free Seafood Jambalaya – that is a P425 in savings!  Another food escapade in mind is to also indulge to Gumbo and salivate with the Orlean’s richness taste of food.


Gumbo Restaurant is located at the second level, Mega Atrium of SM Megamall with the quaint ambiance space yet colorful wall paper design to make the whole decor more lively to dine in.  It is actually a coloring page paste all over the resto to make it a unique design.

If a family or a group has these kids around, a coloring page can be an activity to keep the children busy while waiting for their food to be served.   Maybe those dining area got limited space but the seats we have give those comfortable atmosphere.


An Italian dish is always started with this big sliced bread accompanied by olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

I think this is also free every time you dine in.


Our always entree in a fine dining restaurant like Gumbo are always soup and salad.

We picked up those luscious Four Seasons salad as a starter.  Four Seasons?  Maybe because of those four fruits combinations – grapes,  oranges, peaches and  kiwi slices.  The salad is also  combined with strips of ham and crunchy lettuce tossed with vinaigrette dressing.

Four Season Salad – P 425.00, good for 3 – 4 servings


For soup, we settle for New England Clam Chowder presented in whole wheat bread bowl.  I love the whole creaminess of the soup thicken with those potatoes .  A bit salty for me.  Maybe because of those whole clams around.

New England Clam Chowder – P 145.00, good for 1 serving

Next one is the appetizer – Calamari Fritti.   This is not the common squid rings I encountered with other resto which is small and got those lot of flour to make it big.  Their golden brown squid rings are sliced big marinated coated with a little bit of  flavorful flour.   One can fully taste the freshness of those squid especially if its dipped in tartare sauce.


Calamari Fritti, P 395.00, good for 3 – 5 servings

Now for Cajun and Creole taste,  of course, my favorite and the reason why I am here – the Seafood Jambalaya.  With one look, its like a paella served with the same ingredients like mussels, clams, squid rings, sausage cooked in spiced long grain rice.  A traditional rice dish from New Orlean, the presence mixture of all ingredients, the bold flavor and spices made this dish perfect to make it soooo delish to taste.

I got this for “FREE” because of the Mega Food Sale around the mall.


Seafood Jambalaya, P 425 petite size. good for 2-4 servings

Lot of seafoods around!  What we did was to order their bestseller – Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs.   The meaty ribs is charbroiled seasoned and basted all around with barbeque sauce.

To enjoy more this main entree, one can choose two side dish.  We partnered it with mash potato and mixed vegetable.  Other side dishes to choose from are french fries, cajun rice, coleslaw, red beans and corn-on-a-cob.


Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs, P 595.00 petite size, good for 2 servings

Beside from a seafood eater, I am also a chicken lover dish.  The Grilled Chicken Limone served in marinated chicken breast  is too hardened taste for me and lightly blunt.  If only they can slice it too thinly to make those flavors induced with the white sauce around.  The lemon juice, asparagus topped with tomato salsa make it unique for me.  Combination is just right for the taste palette.


Grilled Chicken Limone, P 395.00 petite size, good for 2-3 persons

For smoothies and coolers, Banana Bracer and Fresh Watermelon Shake are perfect beverage yet sweet concoction for this heavy yet appetizing meal.


Watermelon Shake, P 155.00


Banana Bracer, P 155.00

Yes, I enjoyed this gastronomic food adventure for a Friday after-work especially if loved ones is around like hubby who also took his time out to experience a some sort of dinner date between the two of us.



For recommendation,  bring the whole family or friends around.  You will think that the food is too pricey when you see the menu.  Gumbo’s each food servings are good for 3 to 5 persons.

Me and hubby will definitely come back to taste the pasta and pizza with children around. They are more into pizza eaters and pasta lovers.  They will surely enjoy as much as we do.

Restaurant Location: 

SM Mega Mall, Mandaluyong City Philippines
Mega Atrium – 2/L Mega Atrium Bldg.
Telephone Nos: (+632) 635-3015, (+632) 635-9571

For more information, visit their, website:


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