Chocolate Sprinkled Rainbow Chiffon Cake out of Lemon Square’s Inipit

Weekend hobby made by daughters  – doing Chocolate Sprinkled Rainbow Chiffon Cake out of Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes, simple yet irresistible.

Summer is not yet over and keeping the kids busy will always be an effort for me as a Mom to think ways on how to make most of their time to be busy yet creative.

Since most of their time now is browsing thru internet, gave some sort of homework to do.

Bought two assorted packs of Inipit Lemon Square and told them to do research on how to make this a standout where me and Dad will be really impressed.

Lemon Square’s Inipit has six flavors and each pack has two layers of soft sponge cakes with creamy filling which can be eat as a treat for dessert or snack.


The dilemma?

Mom, can we just eat it as is since we always bring them during snack time,  what you bought also were assorted ones?

I expect there would be the initial reactions.

Still I told them it would be fun, fun activity since they know how to pile, pour and stir.  Last part is to decorate it making a standout – #NoLimitWithInipit making their fave snack so versatile.

With days doing follow-ups, what my two daughters came up was a Rainbow Cake and they like to include chocolate as their frosting. We know kids, they have this sweet tooth for chocolates.

As I approved it, gave them money for their ingredients.  As an advance treat for this activity, I added up some fund  where they can took their snack in one of their fave burger chains.

Then let’s bring those suggested ingredients on the table.


  • Assorted Inipit cakes (1 pack)
  • All-purpose cream (1/2 cup)
  • Dark chocolate bar (100 grams)
  • Rainbow sprinkles

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬


1.  Cut the chocolate bar into small pieces.  Melt it in double broiler.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

2.  Once all the chocolate is fully melted, add the cream. Stir them well to fully mix the thick syrup.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

3.  Prepare a plate where you can put the unwrapped lemon square as your base.  Spread it with a thin layer of chocolate frosting.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

4.  Take again the next Inipit layer with the chocolate frosting.  Remember not too much of the frosting to make it equal and stable.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

5.  For the top, just apply again a thin layer.  Use now a knife to spread the frosting evenly.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

6.  Work the same thing side by side using a knife again smoothing each edges.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

7.  Pour the rainbow sprinkles all over the cake.   Put the cake in the fridge to chill until the frosting is firm to touch.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

8.  Once the frosting is ok,  now the cake is ready to eat.

The Inipit finished product is too beautiful to divulge.  What kiddos did was to put more decoration like this chocolate stick-o on the side to make it more enticing to eat.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

Let’s check if its really a rainbow cake inside.  There you go, the finished Chocolate Sprinkled Rainbow Chiffon Cake out of Lemon Square’s Inipit.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬

I was not literally present when kiddos were doing this activity.  I let them think this as a summer project – from shopping for the ingredients, pouring, cleaning, taking those step-by-step pictures and finally sampling the goodies.

When I was checking them via text, what surprise me was they send a picture in my email their finished product.  Still, I was bit worried on the kitchen when I got home, messy I suppose.

It’s not.

Best part of it, they follow my instructions like:

  • Proper way of pan handles especially hot surfaces while broiling
  • Be sure to turn off the stove
  • Wash hands before handling the food
  • Be careful in using sharp objects like knife
  • Clean as you go

Overall, good job, kiddos!

Definitely, they would proudly say “Sarap maging kid with Inipit!” not only their favorite snack but also a learning moments they can treasure for summer like this.

Lemon Square's ‪#‎NoLimitWithInipit‬


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