Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

Authentic taste as it maybe that’s how I’m fully satisfied with Queens at Bolywood Indian Cuisine.

I’m addicted w/ Indian Cuisine. The way they play around with different spices made their dishes not only flavorful but also soo fragrant. My son who has a childhood Indian bestfriend who tasted their dishes become also a fan.  He even asked me to teach him how to cook their famous Chicken Curry which become also his expertise and prepare them to impress his girl.  LOL!

Still, there were times that eating in an Indian resto, I was still on the lookout of authentic Indian taste. Many that I tasted and luckily, I found one with Queens at Bolywood located in Greenbelt 3.

For our appetizer, the exotic sweet and sour tamarind sauce blended well with their samosa. Fruity but still zesty once it was poured in.

Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

Among the dishes, Palak Paneer is the most enjoyable dish for me.  Aside that I’m a veggie person, the thickness of the spinach puree made the taste aromatic which made those cream at the top rich in texture.

Combination of fish and beans with their freshly, hot puffed bread are scrumptious combination.

Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

Their Indian Rice is so aromatic that is full of flavor garnished with vegetables and meats.

Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

Chicken Tikka Masala is soft and tender but I was still looking for the moist taste even it was tomato buttered and rich in spices.

Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

One may think that Indian food is too spicy to endure.  It’s not with Queens of Bolywood.  The right amount of putting those spices did not overwhelm the true taste of each dishes.

The whole interior curated the vibe of excitement which made the place cozy.

Hopefully, I can come back to check their Belly Dancing at night where one can entertain and at the same time enjoying the festivity of Indian cuisine.

For more information, visit their:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/QueensAtBollywood

Queens at Bolywood Authentic Indian Cuisine

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