Samsung Creates Mothers-Kids Bonding Time

Creating healthier food and happy memories for the family is a bliss feeling to cherish.

We were invited again for the mom and children team-up to Samsung Digital Appliances’ Third Cooking Workshop with the theme “Mother’s Day Special.”

Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio// 

With this activity, mother and child bonding is rekindled. For mothers, seeing their children happy gives them hundredfold happiness.   Without second thoughts, mothers will surely never trade these moments for anything.  


Through Samsung’s monthly cooking workshops that offer a fresh new theme every time, this strengthens every kind of family – either at the dining room enjoying healthy food or in the kitchen sharing and imparting cooking skills.  


Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio


Good thing that my daughter was free then with her schedule even she was taking up her summer Culinary class.   It was a bonding moment for both of us also now that we were also quite busy nowadays.//

Even there were small kids around who also participated, she did not mind at all.  She eagerly listen to the practical tips shared by Chef Ernest during the cooking workshop.   

Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio//


This time, they highlighted the Smart Oven’s convection feature and demonstrated how it is a great alternative as compared to greasy pans, their hot oil splatters, and fatty food with the Mini Meat Loaves.

Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio//


Making of pizza cracker appetizers and summer fruits in gelatin desserts are also one of the activities. With Samsung Refrigerator, it offers storage capacity while keeping energy consumption at a minimum as we store those desserts.  


Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio// Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio// Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio


//, participants like us gained new culinary experiences and can add up to various dishes we learned before that made it a healthy and innovative way.



Samsung Cooking Workshop at Gala Culinary Studio//

As Chef Ernest Gala shares.“For this cooking workshop, I was not only able to impart easy ways to prepare food using Samsung Digital Appliances.  I was also able to teach children the importance of healthy eating. During the workshop, I experienced how priceless it is to witness how a mother and child bond. Looking at them eagerly following my recipes made me feel like I’m part of an important moment.”

To know more the recipes how it was done, check this link:

  1. Summer Fruits in Gelatin
  2. Mini Meat Loaves
  3. Pizza Crackers

Again, thanks Samsung and Chef Ernest of Gala Culinary School.

To discover more, visit their:


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