Nanka Creative Dishes

Cretivity is the ability to make it innovative yet to stand out more.

It was hard for my grown-up kiddos to be with you nowadays. Maybe because getting to discover they have their own lives to pursue independently would made them discover themselves more.

When I have to visit a restaurant near Quezon City area, told them to be with me. If they feel they don’t like it, then they can leave me and it’s A-ok.

The interior once we entered to Nanka Restaurant made their opened eyes to stunned as they found it classy or what millenials would say “instagram-worthy” place.



Do they literally leave me? LOL!

I let them go around and take those pictures.




What more, they stayed and get their camera to took some photos. Not only there is sophistication on the place but also the food that were served to us


For appetizer, Tuna Sashimi is freshly picked that complimented well with soy, sesame, lemon
scallions and onion salad.

Tuna Sashimi P 340.00

Among the starter, this is my fave, the Crispy eggplant topped with creamy kani salad.  Love Kani eversince but when it was partnered with eggplant commended the whole taste.

Crispy eggplant P 250

While the Salmon Sashimi  is torched with wasabi sour cream and onion salad sauce, tamago and shichimi.  Innovative as we just picked those salmon sometimes and drenched it with soy sauce.

20180821_112858Salmon Sashimi P 345.00

Crispy Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce, grated ginger, scallions and garlic chips is more enjoyable if you eat it ASAP to still get the crumbly taste.

Tofu P 245

Mixed Inari is a marinated Tofu filled with Sushi Rice topped with either your choice of salmon/tuna/shrimp and black masago roe. My choice would be the Shrimp.

Mixed Inari P 335

Shitake Pasta seems to be simple but what made it a fave are the combinations of different mushrooms  that made this dish refreshing.
Shitake Pasta P 295.00

Pollo ala Brasa is cooked in peruvian style served with French Fries and veggies. Too big in serving but what it delectable is the tenderness and moist of the chicken meat.

20180821_115341 Pollo ala Brasa P 395

Am I have an enough appetite?

Well wait for the Steak Fried Rice that I screamed for wow.

The presentation is enough to make a shout-out its a good yet complete meal on its own.

Those sliced tenderloin steak served with fried egg and vegetables when mixed together is a comfort food already.

Steak Fried Rice P 435

Other food worth to taste:

Angus Prime Ribs – 450grams of Angus Prime Rib served with Truffle Teriyaki Sauce and Grilled Vegetables where tenderness is not only visible but also melts to your mouth.

Angus Prime Ribs P 1700

Smokey grilled terderloin with miso, jalapeno sauce and grilled vegetables is for meat-lovers who craved the smokiness yet its sweetness.

20180821_115332 Tenderloin P 455

Creamy white chocolate custard with white miso and butter cookie for a dessert  is an end for a heavenly yet sasisfied meal.

Miso Custard P 225

A Japanese meal is simple already to others because you see them around.

But overall, creativity is the ability to make it innovative that made Nanka to stand-out.

The place let also my kiddos stayed with me because simply they enjoyed their food rendevouz.



Address and Contact Details:

Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant
1810 Mother Ignacia St. cor. Roces Ave., Quezon City
517-9677 / 776-2184

For more information, visit their:

Instagram Page –


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