Arla Cheesy Spread Authentic Taste

Arla Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% milk which guarantees an honest-to-goodness deliciousness that an authentic cheese product can offer.

Last April 19, I attended the launch of Arla Cheesy Spread and personally tasted what they say the first real cheese spread one can offer here in the Philippines.

Who is Arla?

Arla Foods is an international dairy company owned by 12.700 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands – one of the strongest players in the international dairy arena, with a wide range of dairy products of highest quality.

ARLA Cheesy Pitch

Have partnered it with pandesal and coffee which lusciously taste in white, thick form. The moment I grab a piece, I ended up eating four pandesal. Maybe that is an honest-to-goodness delicious spread that an authentic cheese product can offer.

Arla Cheesy Spread Authentic Taste//

Brand ambassadors of Arla Cheesy Spread’s were also introduced like Rica Peralejo – Bonifacio, Danica Sotto – Pingris and Amanda Griffin – Jacob which magnify real food advocates.

Arla Cheesy Spread Authentic Taste//

Part also of the launching were Chef Gino Gonzales and Chef China Cojuangco who introduced recipes which mainly used Arla Cheesy Spread. These recipes shows the versatility of the product.

Sample of those pasta menu were Spaghetti w/ Stuffed Meatballs and Cheesy Mac N’ Cheese.

Arla Cheesy Spread Authentic Taste//

Arla Cheesy Spread Authentic Taste//

The content is made from almost 90% milk which made the natural white the result of cow’s milk.

Its flavor is a combination of mild salty and milky tastes making it easy to pair with practically to any food.

A five ingredients in each bottle, this is as close to natural that nourish the right balance of convenience, taste, and nutrition.

Definitely, will be trying this white cheesy spread to to a hearty meal and will post the recipe here.

For more information. visit their website

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