Cafe France Delightful Desserts

I will surely fall for a boy who will buy me food.


After my run, hubby invited me to stroll around to see a grocery store inside Nuvali 2. Actually, we did not proceed inside as he was delighted to see a big pretzel at Cafe France. I was looking at him and suddenly he sat down inside the cafe already.

What are you doing? I said. I want to eat, my treat! I am also craving for that Chicken a la King.

I have already took my breakfast then and I even did not bring my camera with me. Well anyway, I have my ITouch.  I can also explore to take some pictures and edit it here.  And since this was hubby’s treat, who am I to refuse it.

While waiting for our order, we already took those big pretzels. According to hubby, this was ever since his favorite comfort food.

French Baker by Jinkee Umali of

I am not fond of it, so hubby bought another one for me to taste it.   I thought those brown thing is a chocolate thinking it is the same Jack and Jill pretzel I knew then.  It was actually a twisted brown bread. Too filling for me but I ended up eating them all.

French Baker by Jinkee Umali of

Actually, what intrigued me was the Hokkaido Cake that I saw in their menu offering that I asked hubby to add this in the order.

Hokkaido Cake is a chiffon based cake with vanilla filling inside.  It is fluffy and not that so sweet that I ended up tasting the whole with pleasures.

French Baker by Jinkee Umali of

We cannot resist Chicken A La King with those puff pastry.  The servings of Cafe France is over-flowing with those rich cream chicken sauce together with those healthy veggies around.

French Baker by Jinkee Umali of

French Baker by Jinkee Umali of

I enjoyed this simple date with hubby.  Truly, he won always my heart by buying me those food as a treat and some bonding time together.

He also told me to reward myself after those hefty run along Nuvali park with Cafe France’s food offering.  Definitely, the reward is fulfilling!

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