Seattle’s Best Coffee Holiday Coffee Treat

As early as October 2012, Seattle’s Best holiday coffee treats introduced their rich yet lavish flavors to capped the feast and celebrations.

All of them have these exciting ingredients that tickle the palate yet so pleasing to the eye with visually appetizing concoctions.
Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drink

Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drink

Cookies and Mint is a combination of dark chocolate, mint and espresso topped with Oreo cookies. One of my favorites among the refreshing drinks!

Seattle's Best Coffee-1-2

Cookies and Mint

Coffee Hazelnut is a flavor of hazelnut sprinkled with white chocolate sauce and coconut giving those richer espresso, nutty taste and perfect for stimulating the senses.

Seattle's Best Coffee-3-2

Coffee Hazelnut

Espresso jelly is the perky combination of coffee jelly and espresso, topped with whipped cream and coffee jelly.

Caramel Apple is the fruit flavor – an espresso combined with apple syrup and white chocolate sauce.  The taste is more richer with their caramel sauce, cinnamon powder and whipped cream.

Seattle's Best Coffee-8

Espresso Jelly and Caramel Apple

 To make it more thrilling, Seatlle’s Best Coffee offered an organizer with five attractive colors to choose from – red, yellow, blue, brown and purple.

Seattle's Best Coffee-3

How to get it?

Simply collect 18 stickers on their SBC Dream Card from October 23, 2012 to January 15, 2013.  You need to purchase 10 regular SBC drinks and 8 holiday drinks to qualify for the journal.

Once you get your journal, there is a free engraving service to personalize it more.

Aside from the monthly calendars, it comes  comes with free seven drinks, two pastries, a panini, and 24 hours free wifi.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to World Vision to benefit its children’s educational program for every journal redeemed.

Seattle's Best Coffee-4-2

Seattle's Best Coffee-5

I think this is the best meaning of what a Christmas is, to make a worthy cause out of those sticker collection.  Aside from getting the planner, there is a portion that you also help making a difference to the lives of children in World Vision.

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