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I am person who loved seafood, as in soooo much!

Even I found out last year that I have an allergy with seafood, I still have to go on with it but I have to eat with moderation and meds is always with me.   Bite by bite maybe to enjoy my seafood savor, I guess!

One way to indulge it is to enjoy it with Marina Oyster Seafood Grill.

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-12

I found out to my friends, Gigi Beleno of in Facebook tagging me that there will be a slash-off offer of one plate order of  oyster for P 25.00 celebrating their 25th anniversary this October 25, 2012.

Together with the The Road Trippers group aka TRT, we headed in a stormy dining evening experience.  Its a food gig, a meeting and definitely, we really mark our calendar for this one.  Yes, signal no. 1 with ranging rain and wind around the street and we really never mind! For the LOVE OF FOOD!  LOL!

For the Oyster order, we settled for Baked and Steam.  Yes its, true,  P 25.00  per plate which is the original price is P 199.00.  The taste is  succulent yet ooozing.   I may say, its really FRESH.

Baked Oyster
Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-1

Steamed Oyster

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-5

Our friend Bong Aguilar took the liberty to order the Crab.  Soo big that it become the center of our table!

Well, eating a big crab can be messy and time consuming.  But at the end, it is worth that effort.

Actually, we do not have that bib.  We only have napkins on the side.  Still we enjoyed cracking those leg shells one by one while dipping it in a vinegar.

Steamed Crab 

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-8

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-6

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-11


Another is this Bihud Guisado – unique, peculiar yet extra-ordinary egg delicacy.  It is really worth a try.

Bihud Guisado

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-2

We partnered our seafood dish with Bagoong Rice topped with sliced green mango to compliment the taste.  Price is P 99.00 good for 2 – 3 persons.

Bagoong Rice

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill-3

Overall, I love the dining experience.   Good thing that the maximum order per table were 2 plates only or else will grab more and expect the allergy around my face.  LOL!

I like to end my post with this quote from Ferran Adria

“Food is about being happy – at a table, that’s probably where we spend most of our happiest hours.”

Thanks to my friends in  TRT  and Marina for a great night even it sooo stormy!  Till next dining escapade!

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