Easy Foil Recipes Cookbook

After our jog to our park, we humbly called here in Calamba, The Plaza, we went to the mall to do some errand.  Part of my routine when going to the mall was to drop-off to a bookstore to browse some new magazines and books.  If I found something that worth reading and permitted my budget to have one, then will surely buy it.

Yahhhh, have bought this nice, colorful, hardbound yet simple cookbook –  Easy Foil Recipes.  To tell you honestly, I was running out of budget by that time.

I can also get those information if I search this to the internet if I want to.  Just print it and compile to a nice folder.

Easy Foil Recipes Cookbook-1-2

How this cookbook captivated me was the range of different simple recipes that I can do it in a span of less than 30 minutes ranging from easy entrees, spectacular dishes, fire-up the grill and divine desserts.

Reading also a book still feels me well even there are tablet or IPad around.  Why?

  • Love tabbing each pages
  • I can digest each information linearly
  • Smelling, iinhaling it made those pictures/wordings sooo sharp
  • One can feel the senses of how delicious those food is

Someone told me that it is harmful to health cooking in a foil.  For me, it can be an alternative considering foil also is expensive.  I can put it in a simple closed baked pan and cook it in the oven.

One example is this Chicken Parmesan.  I cooked pasta with sauce, ground beef and hotdog.  Meaty spaghetti to be exact.

Here, in this recipe, I can do it with chicken breast and zucchini contents.  More healthy, I suppose!

Easy Foil Recipes Cookbook-2

Easy Foil Recipes Cookbook-3

What more, I am inlove on how the pictures were taken to make the food more appetizing to it.

I know, my pictures did not give enough justice on how I took it at the moment. Sorry, I am holding it, reading it and at the same time pressing the camera.  Maybe, that is how I excited I am.  .

Hopefully, I can cook the same stuff with those grandiose presentations but mostly the taste would be appreciated.  Ohhh, will definitely share those food with gusto. Wish, wish! LOL!

Easy Foil Recipes Cookbook-1

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