Real Cohen Starts by Changing the Lifestyle

I am giving still alternative ways to do some weight loss solution as I deemed with high cholesterol level few months ago.    That is, keeping myself fit and healthy but at the same time enjoying my passion to food.

Brekkie – Papaya and Calamansi

Everytime  I am out of town especially if I am availing a buffet breakfast, I ended my meal with Papaya and Calamansi on my table. Even I am home, I will not forget to buy papaya during my market day and share this with the family.

Thank Heaven for Dirty Dishes

My monitoring for the heavy rain through radio, television and social network made me realized how very fortunate our family and my loved ones around.

Passion to Food

I have noticed several times that I love watching preparation of food, got it a try and found I have fun on doing it. Weird sometimes, that people are looking at you, taking those pictures with those angles before I eat a food.

Still, give me activities that is related to my I.T. career which I earn a living, I can say to myself I am good at these stuff and enjoy them.