Thank Heaven for Dirty Dishes

My monitoring for the heavy rain through radio, television and social network made me realized how very fortunate our family and my loved ones around.

Sharing some of the pictures that friends around are posting on their wall.  What I can do now was to pray just to ease out those feeling of depression on what I saw.

This made me reflect that everything we do, we have to always live in gratitude. 

We are not experiencing soak in the flood water, no food to eat and worst no place to stay.

We got to took the side of getting the bright moments of things happening around us.  Be thankful for everything!

Let’s always put those gratitude in our heart that we are always spared with those devastation.

Ending my post with this simple quote about “Dirty Dishes.”

Thank Heaven for “DIRTY DISHES”

They have a tale to tell

While others folks so hungry,

We’re eating very well

With Home and Health and Happiness

We shouldn’t want to fuss

By this stack of evidence

God’s very good to us!


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