Stylish New Food Blog – A Launch

When I started my I.T. career, I was a true-blue technical geeky person you will encounter.  My study on those programming codes made me understand how I can manipulate each process based on our end-user requirements which I shared also to my students when I am teaching.

I am still doing it until now but maybe more on conceptualizing stuffs with style especially if its a web project or a blog from a client.  Imagine, a geeky person turned into a style.  LOL!  Wish one can imagine that.  How?  I can express myself the inside of me artistically just doing those designs.

I was fortunate to be on this field for almost a decade and maintained set of clients who until now trusted to develop, maintain and even revamp those websites and blog.

What are some secrets to make a food blog more stylish yet pleasing to those who will visit it?

Here are my personal recommendations:

  • Nowadays, clients like to launch their website ASAP and they would be the one to maintain it. What I did was to pick great templates from WordPress or Joomla.  What we customized most is the logo to create some sort of identity, the header and put some animation infront to make it interactive.
  •  Be very picky with the photos to use.  I usually get three shots for each subject and check it ASAP if I have a clear, precise shot.  If not, will definitely repeat the same doing those shots again.  I also keep on practicing at home just taking shots on what I cook.  If ever there would be gathering of photographers around, I asked tips and advices.
  • Use simple words.  Part of the subjects I taught was Web Testing.  Content put in a website or blog must be understandable even a seven-year old kid who knows how to read.  What is important is write clearly getting those basic questions to answer like WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW.  Content is still the King.
  • Proof read what you wrote like reading it several times.  Correct those grammar and spellings if you seen one.

Sharing passion to something is a remarkable move.  It would really take a lot of effort at first to be very particular to these simple tips.   Time will come,  payback period for each post will have its limelight if the content is worth reading,.

Those combined efforts that were put together will definitely tell if it is a worth to have those stylish post.




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  1. Tnx for the tips, Jinkee..They were very helpful =)

  2. Chef Jasper says:

    Sharing passion to something is a remarkable move – I have to agree. Love the tips on the web, by the way. 🙂 Thanks.

  3. I always do proof reading, but sometimes, error still comes out, looks like I over read it, thanks for the tips though, my boyfriend wants to learn on how to style dishes because he is a food enthusiast and is trying to be good on photography, visit my site!

    wild and fierce

  4. emiliana says:

    I do believe that blog content is more important than blog traffic generation. I also practice straight-to-the-point discussions using layman terms.

  5. I definitely agree on everything that you have said and in addition to that, I also found out that if you are taking photos of food be sure to place it on a plain spot or maybe a plain white paper as background because it will give the food the center of attraction that it needs.

  6. great recommendations! 🙂 I’d be sure to follow these simple yet effective ways to make my blog more stylish and pleasant to readers! 🙂

  7. magazineboxdotnet says:

    thanks for the tips! I’m also using simple words in my blogs to make it more understandable. love it!

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