Figaro Latte Art 2015

Figaro Latte Art Championship one of the main objectives is to harness the artistic expression of a barista in doing coffee latte.

Starbucks Healthy Food Options

Getting in the routine for almost 3 weeks of putting healthy food intake, I am quite use to it. When I caught myself nowhere to get those dietary breakfast together with fruits and veggies, what I did was to rushed up to Starbucks to check those healthy food available.

Starbucks Kick-off Party

Wahhh, I will be missing this!   I will be in Bacolod for the Pintaflores Festival. Anyway, you win some, you lose some! For those of you who are here in the metro, all are invited to a fun evening to kick off the Christmas season at Starbucks! Rekindle  the joy of Christmas at Starbucks, Bonifacio…