New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

Cure a bad day with a cup of coffee.

It has been more than five (5) years that I supported a Filipino coffee company like Figaro where my first impression is a foreign brand.

It becomes a neighboring hang-out for me and my officemates at their Glorietta branch.

Actually, our HR officer always ordered their longaniza meal as in twice a week.

Maybe that’s how she love it which also led me to taste it also. Huge serving of three (3) garlicky longaniza with egg and veggies on the side is a complete meal itself ready for brunch.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

When I was assigned in Mckinley then, their branch also becomes our consultants’ favorite place. Their pudding has such a classic taste where we shared in spoonful.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

From there, a foodie like me is never bored especially a revamp on their new menu.

This is now offered that led me also to invite family in one lazy Sunday.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

My eldest daughter tried the Adobo Flakes Kare-Kare.  Deconstructed I may say yet ordering two well-loved Filipino food in one meal – kare-kare and adobo served with Java Rice.

Innovative in nature as the peanut sauce is very visible in one bowl.  While the adobo flakes is sherreded pork that has a salty moist stew taste.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Cubana is for hubby who is fond of ground beef eversince. He was looking for Saba slices here for the sweet taste but anyway there is a smoky, garlicky blend as not that ordinary as expeceted where tomato sauce is poured out.

The combination is more than enough to satisfy.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

While my youngest got the Barbeque Pork Belly which was grilled topped with BBQ sauce served with coleslaw and java rice. The pork is moist with a kick of smokey taste since this is grilled.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

That morning, quite not that satisfied w/ my breakfast at home.

For everyone here who knows me well, I’m a certified breakfast heavy person. I can skip major meals like lunch and dinner but not breakfast.

Good thing Figaro offers an all-day brekkie that satisfies my craving.

Magandang Umaga Platter is a combo of everything – egg, ham, bacon, longganisa, potatoes, baguette w/ veggies like tomatoes. Complete meal on its own and this is mine alone.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

Ending our meal with sweet indulgence of Strawberry Cheesecake partnered with black coffee.

Stuffed with creamy cheese filling yet smooth and decadent. The strawberry tart taste is visible that complimented the whole dessert taste.

New Cafe Dining Experience at Figaro

I would also like to share a simple video captured by my kiddo during our vist at Figaro Alabang Town Center.

She is just starting her video blog that concentrated more on crafts, fashion and adventure.  You can also check her video blog on this link – Jam Umali.

I told her, just go on and from there, she can improve this kind of skill for a young millenial like her.  Just also to keep her busy and play around with it as their lives now involves social media.

Definitely will come back for more as a wide new range of food offering are a “must-try” to indulge.

For more information, visit  Figaro’s Facebook Page


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