Figaro Latte Art 2015

Figaro Latte Art Championship one of the main objectives is to harness the artistic expression of a barista in doing coffee latte.

Figaro Classic Meals

Figaro classic new twist set of meals delighted again those taste palate w/ lot of gusto and zest.

Figaro’s Summer Fusion 2014

Now summer is officially in. Beat the warm heat with this mix fruity-veggie fusion drinks from Figaro. A nice and cool tall glass of these fusion drinks will make you forget about the hot weather outside and enjoy the long hot summer.

Figaro’s New Pasta Meal

One of our favorite coffee shop as in eversince is Figaro. Maybe because Figaro is our favorite hang-out with fellow colleagues in I.T. consulting as their desserts and pasta are very rich in flavor.

Figaro Christmas Treat 2012

You know that Christmas is around the corner because of those malls who started their displays as early as November. The same also with cafe and restaurant which offered holiday themed desserts and merchandise for this Yuletide season like Figaro.