All I Want for Christmas Are Philips Smart Kitchen Appliances

Celebrate Christmas by giving exciting Philips gifts your loved ones can enjoy all year round

There were two rooms that I always stayed in our house – bedroom and kitchen.  LOL!  After I woke up by 4am, I headed  to our kitchen to cook the three meals – breakfast, lunch / dinner and merienda.  I am telling you, this is everyday.  I have to be up that early to prepare all these meals for the family’s baon for school and office.

So maybe now that Christmas is fast approaching, the only gift maybe that I can request and I can also buy for myself are smart kitchen appliances that would aid me to hasten up my preparation every morning yet the quality of cooking is very, very visible.

I have done my window shopping and I discovered Philips wide array of selecting gift ideas for a foodie and Mommy like me.



With Rapid Air Technology that can cook anything from fried chicken to fries with up to 80 percent less fat. Not to mention, this innovative kitchen partner has won several awards for its performance and design.

Philips Smart Kitchen Appliances

Induction Cooker

One of my wish list ever because it shortens cooking time by 33 percent while sealing the core of nutrients in food. With 5 healthy cooking menus, 6 power levels, and cooking time setting options, this induction cooker will instantly become the best friend of the foodie at heart.

Philips Induction Cooker HD4932

Rice Cooker

It has smart cooking programs and temperature control settings, which seal freshness and preserve nutrients. What’s more, its 6-step smart cooking program and 12-hour keep-warm function offers you fluffy and fresh rice—giving your special ones a whole new reason to enjoy this Filipino staple.

Philips Smart Kitchen Appliances

Slow Juicer

This innovative kitchen tool uses slow-juicing technology to extracts the full flavor of fruits while offering the right amount of pulp and texture. Health buffs like me will surely enjoy the mouth feel and limited foam offered by this juicer.

Philips Smart Kitchen Appliances

There you have it!

Now I have those ideas what to give also to my  mother this Christmas.  Anyway,  its a season of giving.

How about you?

Make the best out of it with a roster of presents your loved ones can enjoy the whole year round. Be the neighborhood Santa and spread the cheer with Philips’ line of products that everyone can enjoy!

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