McDonald’s Hooray for New Morning Treats

Healthier new morning treats with Mcdonald’s is getting more exciting.  

Breakfast would always be my favorite part of all the meal.  If I’m not satisfied with my meal at home, there were times I headed to nearest Mcdonald’s to eat their big breakfast or simply their pancakes.

To add more reasons to say “hooray” in the mornings,  early birds  like me can now choose from a wider variety of breakfast items with the addition of three new and exciting breakfast treats.  These are Sweet Ham Special the Chicken Muffin and  Chicken Egg Muffin.

Hooray for New Morning Treats at McDonald’s

I usually don’t put my ham in rice as I preferred it more with bread and put lots of veggies around it even I saw my kiddos love to eat it with fried rice.   But when we were served by  McDonald’s new Sweet Ham Special and tasted it, I felt Christmas is really, really near.  Those  slices of sweet and juicy ham are served with soft and moist scrambled eggs  with a cup of tasty garlic rice.   I have to ate two servings just to satisfy my gusto with this dish.  LOL!  That is the way I really love the taste.  I even recommended it to my son to try it.

Hooray for New Morning Treats at McDonald’s

With the Chicken Muffin which is made of a savory and crispy chicken patty, served with a slice of creamy cheese and tangy mayo, sandwiched in toasted English muffins, this is a healthier alternative.  I know hubby love muffin ever since. For him, this is his choice especially putting an egg within.

Hooray for New Morning Treats at McDonald’s

Hooray for New Morning Treats at McDonald’s

Price starts at Php65 which is available from 4:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Enjoy these with a cup of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee and McDonald’s Hash Browns to complete your most important meal of the day.

Now head on to the nearest McDonald’s store to try the new breakfast treats! For those in a morning rush, these are also available through Drive-Thru, Take Out, and McDelivery via 86-2-36,, or the new McDo PH app.

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