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My end-of-month activities for October is completely on rush because of work-related projects like website conceptualization, training preps and some other SEO stuffs.  Whow, I was sooo drained as I decided a weekend gig is a no-no.

Thought it was until I accepted a cannot-resist invitation to swing out near south. I got a glimpse to see Designer Blooms Cafe  – the Philippine’s first fresh flower shop cafe located at Molito Mall near Alabang Town Center.

Designer Blooms Cafe-86

Designer Blooms Cafe-7-2

With its Designer Blooms’s 20th anniversary offering fresh flowers, its a high time to  get to the next level – that is to bring unique concept cafe that marries the beauty of flowers and the warmth of the comfort food.

Designer Blooms Cafe-11

Designer Blooms Cafe-3

Their tagline “Freshly Picked, Freshly Prepared” –  a dining experience of picking the freshest ingredients yet a charming atmosphere of floral collections inside the cafe.

I was also captured by their country styled interiors around getting those kitsch furniture pieces – a comfy and inviting spot getting those cup of coffee and hearty dessert.

Best part, the cafe is also WiFi enabled – great place for meetings or simple hang-out for freelance consultant like me.

Designer Blooms Cafe-3-2

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During the opening, I got to indulge with their food samplers – simple, fresh and dainty, I may say.

We started a sumptuous and delectable soup like:

Cream of Mushroom
Designer Blooms Cafe-35

Tomato Soup

Designer Blooms Cafe-37


Best partner with the crunchy yet earthly fresh bits of:

Bruchetta with Mushroom Salpicao and Tinapa Mousse

Designer Blooms Cafe-41

An interesting salad delight version like :

Greek Salad Medley Topped With Edible Flowers

Designer Blooms Cafe-43

Mom’s Potato Salad

Designer Blooms Cafe-49

For a little more filling, Cafe’s main courses are:

Fish Cakes with Garlic Aioli and Mango Salsa

Designer Blooms Cafe-51

Oen Face Jalapeno Burger Sliders

Designer Blooms Cafe-58

Fresh Garden Panini

Designer Blooms Cafe-54

Mediterranean Shrimp Skewers

Designer Blooms Cafe-63

Chicken Bacon and Corn on the Cob Skewer

Designer Blooms Cafe-69


Concluding our delightful fare with their food for some heavenly dessert like:

Panna Cotta

Designer Blooms Cafe-75

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Designer Blooms Cafe-77

To make it more inspiring, got to see also gorgeous friends around sharing those full sensorial dining experience in a delectable meal.
Designer Blooms Cafe-78

Designer Blooms Cafe-72

A remarkable yet soothing experience to spend my weekend day in a place that captivated good food,  fresh flowers and most of all getting those  inspiration to get back to my work again with a smile – that is Designer Blooms Cafe!

Designer Blooms Cafe-13-2

Restaurant Location:
Molito Commercial Complex, Ayala Alabang
Contact Nos:  (632) 512-0353
Email Address:

Facebook Page:

Twitter Account:

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  1. Aldous says:

    looks like an interesting concept..i would love to try those mediterrenean shrimp skewers

  2. This is something new to me, flowers and food combined in one place. I hope I will be able to visit this place, not only for the food but flowers to be given to my loveones =)

  3. Tempting foods at Designer Blooms… I’m not sure if I would like edible flowers…

  4. Nice naman the place!! I love the idea of a flower shop and cafe combined together!

    Mukhang interesting din those foods being served!

  5. Mimai says:

    This looks like a lovely place! 🙂 I want to try the edible flowers!

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