Breakfast Just Delightful with Conti’s

One thing that made me love our southern area is the Conti’s branch in Nuvali. I began to love yet crave for their cakes and main dishes eversince in the metro.

Like our family especially if we are complete, we bond by doing some jog and after that, a hearty breakfast to share. Breakfast for us is indeed the most important meal of the day and is a must especially for people who want to start their day, in the best possible way.


The morning meal provides not only the fuel but also supplies the necessary nutrients needed for a productive day ahead especially if you are with your loved ones. We love their all-time Tapa and Boneless Tinapa ending it with a dessert like Black Velvet.




For me, I am breakfast person. I can skip lunch and dinner but not breakfast. Studies also show that people who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their overall nutritional needs for the day, than those who opt not to.

Sometimes it becomes my brunch already.

Best part a new offering of an All-Day Breakfast to look for is what Conti’s is offering now.

The Bacon Bagnet for my son, Croque Madame to my daughters, Longaniza for me and Salmon Belly for hubby.

Bacon Bagnet is a homemade pork belly slices naturally-cured and crisped to perfection, with sweet and salty sauce, served with garlic rice, eggs, and atchara.


Classic Skinless Longganisa is deliciously sweet and yet still savory skinless longganisa, served with lemon, eggs, and atchara.


Salmon Belly in Olive Oil is a norwegian salmon belly strips in seasoned olive oil, served with lemon rice, eggs, and pickled ubod.

Croque Madame is a meaty slices of homemade ham roll, in between toasted brioche, topped with sunny-side-up egg and hollandaise sauce, served with potato shoestrings, perfectly complimented with a cup of fresh fruits.


The fresh spreads are in huge serving with the combination of different side dishes where all are good and delectable.

The four new breakfast items are in addition to Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant’s already wide array of all-day breakfast favorites, as well as other sumptuous dishes. Definitely, will come back for their Salmon, their Sotanghon and the famous Mango Bravo.

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