Getting To Know Samsung Perfect Partners

An easy-to-follow life hacks that homemakers like me can accomplish everyday tasks using Samsung’s Digital Appliances.

Being a mother, household appliances are a big help to ease out chores everyday.  

I remembered when we got married, our first purchase yet our first appliance was a refrigerator where we can store our food and water.   We can reheat those food in an oven which we got as a wedding gift. Forget about the bed, living room furniture or dining table as we can do it in a mat.  

This was almost 20 years ago and come to think of it we have to change our appliances not only digitally but the smart ones.

That is the reason behind why me and hubby checked “Samsung Digital Appliances: Perfect Partners” launch held at Abenson store in Bonifacio Global City.    

We have to be oriented again on how these latest development in appliances can ease out our day to day home activities.     

Samsung Perfect Partners//

I ranked them based on my need and if budget allows, will definitely make a move to purchase.  

Twin Cooling Refrigerator  

Storing food is not only the prime purpose of refrigerator – fresh food yet it also saves electricity. The Twin Cooling Technology allows for the refrigerator and freezer to have separate temperature controls which gives flexibility for five different conversion modes.

Inside is an easy slide compartment for storing fruits and vegetable that would also control the cold to retain the crispiness and better tasting food which I personally tried from slicing and keeping them cool inside.

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Microwave Oven

Smart that reduce cooking time, grill meats, baked and even ferment dough or yogurt as in all-in-one! During the event, a baked cheese macaroni was cook only for 3 minutes.  

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Samsung Perfect Partners//

Samsung Perfect Partners//

It is designed also with ceramic enamel coating to quickly and conveniently prepare healthy and delicious meals. It also makes the microwave oven easy to clean, making it a partner in delight in the kitchen.

What amazed me on the next digital appliances would be a Wi-Fi capability via Smart Control Apps in a mobile phone / tablets to do it remotely.

Washing Machine  

A Front Load Washing Machine with Add-Wash technology that allows more clothes to be added in the middle of a wash cycle.   Best part, the machine has an 11 years warranty.  

A tip is also shared in washing also different clothes. Definitely, we changed and washed comforter after a week together with bed sheets and pillow cases.

Samsung Perfect Partners//


Their Airconditioner with Digital Inverter uses an 8-pole inverter that ensures a more efficient operation with less vibration and noise yet it would not jack up w/ electricity costs.  

There you have it.

Now we are really screwed up with our budget for the coming years to really aim in purchasing those smart appliances.  LOL!

For us, it is just A-ok.  If the idea is to aid our daily chores efficiently that would fit to the busy lifestyle we have, then we are “IN” with these kind of innovations. 

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