Healthy Eating w/ Sexy Chic

If time would always be a reason, busy individuals can prepare a fine meal  keeping a healthy diet without compromising its appeal  and that would always be chicken.  

Chicken dishes would always be my fave dishes.  When it comes to food preparation, chicken provides a whole lot of options because of its versatility.  

It can be consumed plainly but can also be seasoned and marinated in various ways. Poultry can also be mixed with other ingredients to create salads, sandwiches, and main entrees.

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Even the busiest people can have chicken in various yet simple ways.


Health Benefits: 

  • A champion source of lean, low-fat protein, chicken helps the body build and develop muscles while aiding weight loss with its metabolism boosters like Selenium, and B-complex vitamins like Riboflavin.
  • A protein source that contains the eight essential amino acids that the human body constantly needs.
  • It also packs a relatively low amount of fat, mostly of the unsaturated type, which consequently protects against heart disease.
  • Prevents anemia as well as birth defects among pregnant .
  • It help maintain a well-functioning nervous system, red blood cell formation, blood clotting, and healthier bones.

As a result, chicken is often recommended by physicians and nutrition counsellors as the best alternative to beef and pork, because it has less saturated fat. It is also a source of antioxidants that help avoid cell damage and provides nutrients crucial to carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

Essentially, choosing chicken can offer an abundance of simple and complex dishes that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make.

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Whether you get them fresh off the market, the cold storage, or get them in cans, the same positive benefits are in store for satisfaction.

As a healthy meat that keeps intact most nutritional benefits that an individual needs every day and with a vast amount of dishes it can help create, chicken—whether fresh or canned—is definitely the new delicious and practical “It” meat for everybody.

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