Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge Heavenly Delight Desserts

Every slice of their heavenly dessert inspired by Japanese-French combined is a bliss of sweetest knock-out to taste.

With the royalty interior once you enter, Bebe Roque, the vibe of the whole elegant yet sophisticated design is soo inviting that even it’s summer, one will have a sip of coffee or tea and indulge with their creative yet delectable desserts.

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There were many to choose from, still there were desserts that stands out for me and lingers once I crave for them.

Matcha sponge cake and rich matcha cream sweet red bean pastle inside is an inspiration of a fragrant dessert that one cannot resist but to indulge – tender yet the sweeter side focus on its matcha flavor.

Opera is the refined combination of almond jocondesponge cake which is softly dense where chocolate ganache is moistly chewy that complimented well with  coffee butter cream and chocolate glaze.

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Strawberry shortcake would definitely the best seller and said to be a timeless favorite.   Fresh sliced strawberry and rich whipped cream – the stunning taste is almost melt in your mouth experience because of its fluffiness.

Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge-6

To capped off all those desserts, a sip of various drinks are available that soothes each pleasure of drinking.

Not too sweet nor too bitter with its taste, the warm and creamy variations lingered to be a refresher.

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Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge-1-2

Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge-3-2

Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge-4-2

Obviously, I come back for more.

Even the place is not on the main road, the excitement of going to Bebe Rogue is always a journey of happiness with desserts and drinks.

For more information, visit their:

Facebook: Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge

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