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A healthy weekly diet delivery service w/ Delicious Diet preparing 1,200 calories per day for P 1,800.00 for 5 days is such a big deal.  Best part, free delivery within Metro Manila.

After my birthday week travel last February, one thing that I noticed – I was always restless and easily tired.  After a long trip travel in a day, I found myself just rest at night and there were times, sleep early to regain those strength for tomorrow’s adventure.

Which is not always the case.

Because every time I went for travel even in solo, I maximized to explore the places as much as I can.

This was my Instagram post going to Dumaguete which I will share later w/ my Live Life Fullest blog.

NTake out some time for yourself. You will feel better. #MeTime. now up for some #travel adventure. Let's do this!

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Early #sunrise at #Dumaguete boulevard that made me reflect and do some quick run around.

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I am not used with it and when I got home, asthma attack triggered me that week and found myself bed rest for the whole weekend.

Checking the weighing scale, I really gain weight – 10 to 12 pounds.  Maybe the reason I really slow down as my resistance is getting weaker.  At the moment, I cannot do some extraneous fitness activity even I want to get rid of those pounds ASAP.   I have to be fit first – no fever, no cough, no colds nor asthma attack.

My last recourse, a new game plan – diet control where one can check what I eat especially calorie intake.    Still, I don’t have the luxury of time right now.  Because when I left for more than a week’s travel, meeting in a work place popped up and tech project deadlines were about to be implemented.  I need someone who will prepare my meal now that I am on the go always.

This is where I met Delicious Diet which currently recommended by fellow foodies and doing also their meal diet plan.  When I checked their menu for next week, I think it’s a go. Extensive yet my favorite meals were all there.  Problem solved!

I told them to deliver it at my client’s office in the metro which they will do it everyday.

As I went to the reception area before 8am, my meal delivery was already there.  The packaging was arranged properly where each of my four meal food including the snack were all delicately organized with the check mark of what is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even my snack. Still quite hot.

Monday Meal

Breakfast: Mushroom & Arugula Fritters, Whole Wheat Rolls
Lunch: Satay Style Chicken, Organic Rice
Snack: Healthified Ginataang Mais
Dinner: Beef Teriyaki, Organic Rice

For morning, since I’m more of a breakfast person, I eat already both –  mushroom arugula frittata / whole wheat rolls and Ginataang Mais for snack.

Too blant w/ fritata but I love how they cook the scrambled egg, so moist.  While  Ginataang Mais was not that sweet.  Both meal were ok for me. I thought it would not be enough but too filling to start really my day.

My satay grilled chicken and organic rice for lunch is  flavorful w/ right amount of seasoning that makes delectable yummy food even I was totally on a diet.

Beef teriyaki and organic rice was simply irresistible yet a healthy dinner. I cannot believe I’m on my diet because I am not deprive.

As of that moment, I was anticipating already for my set meal tomorrow.

Tuesday Meal

Breakfast: Slow Cooked Oats in Almond Milk
Lunch: Vietnamese Chicken BBQ, Organic Rice
Snack: Boiled Saba
Dinner: Stir Fried Pork w/ Asian Vegetables, Organic Rice

Fresh in client’s doorstep, here is my Tuesday meal. Love everything within – oatmeal, chicken BBQ and stir fried pork w/ veggies. My fave Saba is also included.

Still even I’m into diet, made my full meal on my worktable in the morning – oatmeal, taho, saba and throat coat hot tea – brekkie con healthy snacks for a busy Tuesday.

I love how they marinate the Vietnamese breast Chicken – full of flavor.  I didn’t eat those set of salad.  Can’t understand the taste – too sour.

The stirred pork was like chopsuey saucy flavor while the vegetables were crunchy to eat just the way I like it to be cooked.

Wednesday Meal

Breakfast: Wheat Bread, Blueberry Jam, Sausage
Lunch: Fish Florentino, Organic Rice
Snack:  Rebel Bar and Earl Grey Tea
Dinner: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Organic Rice.

My Wedenesday meal plan were bread, blueberry jam, sausage, fish florentine and sweet sour chicken both w/ organic rice.

Is this really my diet meal?

Actually, I always combine my jam with sausages for my bread.  Incorporating sweet and savory in a meal creates an enjoyable yet appetizing intake.

Got this rebel bar on my set menu and Earl grey tea which are my all-time fave partner whenever I have my tea time snack.

Innovating Fish Florentine here which I usually do with my steak or chicken.  Maybe because the main dish must be firmed as when the spinach sauce is poured, it will not leave a soggy or mushy presentation.  Good thing, the white fish used was thick yet moist that worked well with the sauce.

For dinner, Delicious Diet is consistent with their veggies making it still crunchy with this sweet and sour flavor with chicken.

Thursday Meal

Breakfast: Grilled Ham and Three Cheese Sandwhich
Lunch: Barbeque Beef Steak Organic Rice
Snack: Very Strawberry Chia Pudding
Dinner: Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

I was quite exhausted and lack of sleep, late in the office but what delights me when I saw my plan meal for Thursday -Grilled Ham n Three Cheese, BBQ Beef Steak, Chicken N Spinach Lasagna and a fave, Strawberry Chia Pudding.

Comparing those grilled ham and cheese with Mcdonald’s McMuffin.  Maybe I did not heat this one, which I find it too hard when I ate it.

What amazed me was the strawberry pudding which I crave for more – glorious summer dessert that boost with flavor of strawberries.

Chicken and spinach lasagna white sauce was sooo creamy, cheesy and hearty dish on its own.  I encountered this dish as a veggie pasta substituting it with mushroom instead of chicken.

I didn’t eat the Beef Steak.  Quite tough when I was trying to eat it.  Maybe those beef was not thinly sliced.  Anyway, I enjoyed the caramelized onion rings and the zest of the sauce.

Friday Meal

Breakfast: Veggie Scramble, Whole Wheat Rolls
Lunch: Milkfish Parmigiana
Snack: Ube Mamon and Sliced Leche Flan
Dinner: Cha Soba and Green Tea

I was late then, having a reunion with former officemates last night and it was after lunch that i got all my meal.  Have to check since Lenten Season is here already and surprise to see my meal were all meatless.

I was starving then that I ate my morning meal with Cha Soba and made Ube Mamon as my dessert.  Ahhh, stress eating I guess.  Good to know I was into diet getting those calorie count.

Love how they cooked my scrambled egg, moist and flavorful.

For the Cha Soba which I literally know it as a green noodle adding those green tea powder to make it aromatic.  Anyway, it was quite white and the dipping sauce they provided was not enough.

Innovate I may say which I use to cook parmigiana with chicken Again, found those milkfish too tough but the red sauce was rich and flavorful.

Overall, will I recommend it?

Yes, for a busy working mom like me.  I am always on-the-go and a meal planning like Delicious Diet would be a good assistance for a diet delivery.  At the same time, a healthy life style in loosing weight getting those portion control is a must for me.  At the same time, I’m not deprived as I enjoyed most of the meal – yummy and true to its word, really delicious!

Still, I cannot get rid of coffee, tea, fruits, juices or sometimes dessert each meal.  Sometimes, they included it in the meal, sometimes not.    Hopefully, I can be strict with it in the near future. I was still crossing fingers to strengthen my stamina to go back for workout and travel again.

I would love to repeat for another week meal plan with Delicious Diet.

It is just that, I will be transferring to a new location for a tech project. As of now, I don’t have those fixed place schedule for their food delivery.

Definitely, once I have those luxury of time again to be on the same location for a week, will order for another batch.

Again, it’s only 1800 for 5 days with 1,200 calories each day.

You can book your meal by texting 09088797915 with your full name, email, and address.  Send them also an email thru

This is free delivery within Metro Manila and this will come to your door everyday freshly cook and prepared.

For orders and more information, visit their:

Facebook Page:


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