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Figaro classic new twist set of meals delighted again those taste palate w/ lot of gusto and zest.     


Last week was a me-time traveling alone exploring out-of-town places I went before.  Part of it was taking a plunge of tasting food I missed.  It was part of my birthday escapade and I know hubby will understand it every time I love to be on my own. Will definitely share my food escapade with Dumaguete and Cebu here in my blog soon.

When I got back on the day of my birthday, got an invitation to check Figaro’s new offering for 2015.  Timing!

Actually, I was already asking what is new for Valentine then since they always innovate celebration with a rendition of new food selections.

With hubby who met me in the metro, we headed to Glorietta to give it a try.  It would also be a birthday date for two of us.

As he rushed for the meet-ups, one thing he forgot, his DSLR camera.  Anyway, I told him, our smart phones would do.  At the end, it is still the taste would matter. LOL!

This Salisbury Steak Burger is made with lean ground beef topped with mushroom gravy, rice together with carrot corn-peas.

I find the burger too oily.  Maybe because the ground beef is really rich in taste. Basically, the gravy which has a nice brown color boost all those flavor.    Hope they would add up fried onions on the side to make it more sweet in taste. Too generous also with those buttery veggies.

Figaro New Meals for Jan 2015 by Jinkee Umali of
Salisbury Steak Burger with Iced Tea, Price is P 229.00

The Beef Sirloin Strips Stew Fry with broccoli and baby corn mixed with quail eggs which I find it again too oily. Maybe because of the fatty tender beef that was mixed already.  The veggies were over-cooked then which I suggested not to do so.

Figaro New Meals for Jan 2015 by Jinkee Umali of
Beef Sirloin Strips with Iced Tea, Price is P 229.00

Among the three new dishes,  the Gourmet Boneless Tuyo is the best for me.  Anyway, I am a breakfast all day person.  This innovative,  Filipino dish got a twist one cannot resist especially those tuyo drizzled with olive oil is not too salty.  To give it a kick,  the eggplant with tomatoes and cucumber make it an all-time fave.  The aroma brewed Figaro coffee completed this dinner meal.

Figaro New Meals for Jan 2015 by Jinkee Umali of
Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil with Brewed Coffee, Price is P 219.00

I did not mentioned to them that it was my birthday.   Just a simple dine out with hubby would make it meaningful.  Still, I was surprised when they gave me this rounded blueberry dessert with a birthday greeting below.

Figaro New Meals for Jan 2015 by Jinkee Umali of

Figaro New Meals for Jan 2015 by Jinkee Umali of

Nice one, Figaro.

It adds more the value of my special day without being asked – simple but sweet.  Maybe, this is the reason, will always support  your Filipino way of promoting best coffee in the world aside from the food.

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