T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20 Giveaway

As a big thanks to all the love and support for the last 20 years, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away of your favorite Jack Daniel’s burger.

Once I crave for snacks especially in the afternoon, it would be T.G.I. Fridays.  My favorite would be their fish fillet.  It is just ok for me to munch it to the max because after that, I am good to go.

T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20 Giveaway

If ever I have a fast client meeting and I know T.G.I.Fridays’ is just around the corner, then a bite of this huge serving of Tortilla Crusted Fish Taco is good for sharing.

T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20 Giveaway

Little that I know that T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines is celebrating their 20th anniversary this 2014.

Like me that started as favorite go-to restaurant for after-office hangout and reunions, it has now evolved as family-friendly, craving-solver restaurant.

As a big thanks to all the love and support for the last 20 years, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away the all time favorite Jack Daniel’s burger.

Sharing how my family love the Jack Daniel’s burger whenever they asked me some treats that I bought home for them using my Bistro Group Premiere discount card.


One word – succulent !

This seasoned and fire-grilled burger is sooo juicy that is glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce stacked with lot of crispy bacon.  Their classic fixings and crispy seasoned fries are so abundant in servings.  Actually, my daughter forgot her diet everytime she started to devour it.


Do you like FREE Jack Daniel’s burger?

Foods on the Spot  together with  T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines is giving away NINE (9) Jack Daniel’s Burger that is worth P 550.00.

T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20 Giveaway

Here’s how you can win:

  • On the comment section below this post, write down 20 things you like about T.G.I.Fridays with your name and email address.  No repeating please.

To give you an example , here is mine:

  1. I love all the huge servings – from appetizers, salads and pasta.
  2. Food is always served fresh as they just cook and prepare it once you ordered.
  3. Their branches are all over the metro that once I crave for it, I can easily drop by.
  4. From managers and staffs around, all are friendly with those sweetest smile.
  5. Vibrant color of their interiors – combination of white and red are so distinctive.
  6. Staff uniforms are soo unique with those huge buttons all around their outfit.
  7. Love watching their bar tending, so skillful.
  8. Others think its expensive but for us family, its worth it. For P 1,000.00 budget for 5 of us, it’s enough because of huge servings.
  9. Presentation of food were prepared with art.
  10. They have Premium Card with lot of freebies and discount.
  11. While waiting for client meeting, I use my Premium Card and got free coffee.  Got a text that meeting it was resched, I told TGIF staff do I need to order since I have that free coffee, they say it’s just OK. Now I  love my premium card!
  12. According to my daughter, they are assisting culinary students w/ OJT to be skillful during summer.
  13. Healthy snacks and salad like Fish Fillet and Crusted Fish Taco
  14. Same friendly services even I dine out in other countries with fellow consultants.
  15. Their desserts are killing me like their mud pie.
  16. Latest sports telecast with their LCD TV around where hubby is staying just to chill out and relax.
  17. Offering also Filipino Food with a twist like Pork Adobo.
  18. Their blueberry milkshake is a must try.
  19. Succulent and juicy burger w/ its unique sauce.
  20. Combination of healthy juices like the carrot-apple juice.

There you have it!  The first  9 who will have a valid entry comment , wins!   Contest will run only today, Dec. 11.  Good luck!


Update as of December 15, 2014:

Instead of 9 winners, we declared 11 winners for T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20 Jack Daniel’s Giveaway.  Is it awesome! LOL.

Here are the following:

  1. Clark Bisda
  2. Czaroma Roman
  3. Florencio Jusay
  4. Butch Syyap
  5. Tony Meriel
  6. Cai Lacdan
  7. Paula Michelle Pablo
  8. Eddieli Bungay
  9. Sheryl Ann Mungcal
  10. Princess Buenviaje
  11. Emiliana Singson

Again, thanks, thanks for participating.

14 Comments Add yours

  1. clark bisda says:

    1. I’d like to have one of those pins from the crew 🙂
    2. Hot onion soup.
    3. Birthday treat to a celebrant.
    4. Our own Filipino pork liempo.
    5. Mouth watering texas ribeye.
    6. Chili cheese fries
    7. Free wifi of course.
    8. Vibrant interior design.
    9. Baby back ribs.
    10. Bacon cheeburger.
    11. Calamaris with beer.
    12. Fried mac and cheese
    13. The vertical red stripes.
    14. Cheese burger sliders for the kids.
    15. Acrobatic bartender.
    16. Salmon by Jack Daniel.
    17. Coffee will always be there.
    18. Buffalo wings.
    19. Fast and friendly waiters.
    20. Mocha mud pie.

  2. czaroma says:

    20 things I love about TGIFriday’s
    1. good value for money
    2. relaxing ambiance
    3. excellent service
    4. best chicken fingers
    5. sampler platter
    6. buffalo wings
    7. mozzarella sticks
    8. huge food servings
    9. wide array of food choices
    10. clean comfort room and vibrant interiors
    11. accommodating and friendly staffs
    12. fresh salads
    13. mouth-watering burger
    14. oreo madness and mocha mudpie
    15. American vibe
    16. place for family and friends
    17. summer workshop for kids
    18. kid-friendly food menu
    19. discounts, freebies and promos
    20. great place to celebrate!

  3. 20 Things I love about TGI Fridays

    1. That great ambiance when you walk in every store
    2. The decorations that catches your eye and brings nostalgia
    3. Their drinks, from shakes to shots they nailed it.
    4. The red and white motif, it feels like Christmas everyday!
    5. Their store are located in major malls and pretty convenient
    6. Their TV showing sports channels, great to watch live sports
    7. WIFI accessability.. hehehe
    8. Big stores with a lot of seats, perfect for parties and events
    9. They update daily on social media that keeps me updated
    10. The Pacific Grilled Porkchop!
    11. Special promos that are truly bang for a buck
    12. An expanding menu that keeps evolving for customers
    13. Friendly and accomodating staff
    14. The fun treats on your Birthday!
    15. Tastes of America menu brings a true all-American dining
    16. Their world-class bartenders with amazing skills
    17. Mocha mudpie .. ERMHEHGEHD
    19. Everday is Friday at TGI Fridays!
    20. P20 Chicken Fingers!

  4. Ferdinand Roque says:

    20 Things I Love About TGIFriday’s Philippines

    1. My girlfriend would definitely love the taste of the food.
    2. Juicy burgers
    3. Festive birthday celebration
    4. Sports viewing
    5. Many branches in the metro
    6. Art Food presentation
    7. Big and huge servings
    8. Accommodating staff
    9. Vintage interiors
    10. It maybe expensive but worth the price
    11. Cute pin buttons by the crew
    12. Classic 50 – 60 memorabilia
    13. Healthy food like salad and fish
    14. Caters to huge appetite
    15. Big venue for reunion especially this Christmas Season
    16. Drinks especially Mojitos got those superb taste
    17. They serve Filipino Food
    18. Unique dessert like Oreo Madness
    19. Divided their area to smoking / non-smoking
    20. Bartenders are professional in playing around w/ their cocktails

  5. Butch Syyap says:

    20 Things I Love About TGIFriday’s

    1. Juicy Burger
    2. Free WIFI
    3. Happy and Trained Staff
    4. Fast Service
    5. Exemplary, rustic interiors
    6. Perfect for bonding big group like reunion
    7. Good-looking crew
    8. Bottomless drinks
    9. Clean comfort room
    10. Impressive acts by bartenders
    11. Sports memorabilia around
    12. Discounts and freebies
    13. Al dente pasta and fresh salad served
    14. Attentive services
    15. Complete condiments like wet tissues
    16. Mouth watering desserts GOOD
    17. Tender baby back ribs
    18. Unique and colorful uniforms
    19. Staffs knows the food products well
    20. Homey ambiance

  6. Toni Meriel says:

    20 Things I love about TGI Fridays

    1. Friendly staff
    2. Great ambiance
    3. My kids enjoyed their Kids in Stripes summer workshop last year
    4. Hefty servings
    5. Promos
    6. Convenient and accessible locations
    7. Those pins!!!
    8. Clean and well-maintained stores
    9. Perfect for family get together
    10. Perfect for barkada meet-ups
    11. Perfect for birthdays – they presented a birthday song on hubby’s birthday dinner 🙂
    12. My kiddos really love those Chicken Fingers!
    13. And they also enjoyed making/cooking those Chicken Fingers during the Kids in Stripes summer workshop
    14. Wide menu selection
    15. Provides coloring activities for the kids while waiting for the food.
    16. Mud pie!
    17. Comfy seats
    18. Specialty drinks
    19. Accepts major credit cards
    20. You’ll never go wrong with any food on their menu

  7. Cai says:

    20 Things I Love About TGIFriday’s

    1. Friendly staff
    2. Free wifi
    3. Iced tea!!!
    4. I feel at home in TGIF!
    5. Kid friendly
    6. Yummy burgers
    7. Cute decors
    8. Fun place for parties
    9. Coloring kits for kids
    10. Upbeat music
    11. Cartoons for kids
    12. Sports channelfor sports fans
    13. Big servings
    14. Kiddie meals
    15. I’m a sucker for their special promos
    16. Special treats on your birthday
    17. Yummy baby back ribs
    18. All- time fave chicken fingers and mozarella sticks
    19. Menu changes to keep the offering s more exciting
    20. It’s such a happy place!

  8. Ajay Meriel says:

    1. Their huge servings are really eye candy for me.

    2. Their managers and staff are polite and friendly.

    3. I love their kiddie program Kids in Stripes where my sons used to be part of it.

    4. As a family we love to dine at Friday’s because prices are reasonable because of huge servings.

    5. Desserts are awesome. My favorite is the mud pie!

    6. If it’s your bday, the staff will greet and sing for you to offer you a nice gesture that you’ll love to eat!

    7. I love the ambiance, the white and red walls and spacious dining area.

    8. We love chicken fingers! It is always on our list.

    9. Great bar tenders. Entertaining!

    10. Kids enjoy the art materials that the staff gives to them everytime we dine in.

    11. The staff uniform is unique with big buttons.

    12. Friday’s is everywhere! We have more reason to dine more often.

    13. While waiting for the food, we can watch on LCD screens mounted inside the reataurant. One time I requested the staff to switch the channel to my favorite tennis game and he did it with a smile.

    14. I tried Fish Fillet from other restaurants but Friday’s is incomparable.

    15. You can conduct meetings while enjoying their sumptous meals.

    16. Their menu has a wide variety of food selection from appetizers to main dishes to desserts!

    17. Credit cards are accepted. I pay cashless transaction all the time. Very convenient.

    18. Their burgers are one of my favorite snacks.

    19. Free Wifi access!

    20. Good choice of American style dining

  9. Paula Michelle Pablo says:

    20 Things I Love About TGIFriday’s
    1.tender juicy burgers
    2.huge servings
    3.not just a friendly staff, but a really nice one!(thumbs up!)
    4.oops,not to mention the super accommodating store manager
    5.recommendation of a friend is really worth it!
    6.store locations are accessible
    7.perfect for birthday party locations
    8.the feel-good is always there because of it’s nice ambiance!
    9.like any other customers, I always love discounts and promos, and they surely have one for you!
    10.am a fan of buffalo wings, and the one they serves are so far,the best!
    11.nice touch for the store decors!
    12.sports viewing!
    13.lovely food presentation
    14. not to mention the free WiFi! yey!
    15.hey, i’m a smoker, so good thing they have smoking and non smoking areas!
    16.also serves with respect!
    17.definitely the one you can recommend to ANYONE!
    18.yummy salads!
    19.money you spend here is the money spent well!
    20.am a Filipino! And they serves Filipino dish, too!

  10. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    1. FREE WIFI
    2. Attentive and accommodating staff
    3. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    4. Oreo Madnes
    5. Delicious food
    6. Scrumptious servings
    7. Delectable desserts
    8. Chicken Quesadilla
    9. Affordable Party Packages
    10. Their branches are accessible along the Metro
    11. They offer other services that can complete a grand party like, magician, bubble show, glitter tattoo and many more.
    12. Their famous fish Tacos
    13. World-renowned bartenders
    14. Freebies given to the birthday celebrator. I had my birthday here in this resto and they gave me free cake! That was 10 years ago tho.
    15. Friday’s mozarella! I love this cheese!
    16. Their chicken fingers!
    17.Garlic Chicken Primavera. So delicious, I ended dreaming about this!
    18.Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I don’t eat veggies but this one of my favorite! Wala akong tinira, as in! Ubos! 🙂
    19. Jack Daniel’s Ribs. One of the best ribs that my Dad and I really really loved!
    20. Gold Medalist. One of my favorite smoothies!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  11. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    Sheryl An Mungcal
    20 Things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬

    1. Ambiance
    2. Smiling Face of the Crew
    3. Burgers
    4. Cocktails
    5. Fast Service
    6. Pasta
    7. Promos & Discounts
    8. Music
    9. DESSERT
    10. clean restroom
    11. Plating
    12. salads
    13. free wifi
    14. good location
    15. seafood platter
    16. condiments
    17. clean place
    18. menus
    19. bartenders
    20. its a place where i really enjoy eating

  12. Princess Buenviaje says:

    Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines

    1. Mojitos
    2. Friendly Staff
    3. NBA GAMES Live
    4.Talented Bartenders
    5. Their Fridays Sundaes
    6. Jack Daniels Porckchop
    7. Their Fridays Cheeseburger
    8. Large TV Screens
    9. Their American pop culture memorabilia
    10. Their Party Packages
    11. Their Good Ambiance
    12. Clean Restroom
    13. Their Texas Ribeye
    14: The Bistro Group Loyalty Card
    15. Their Caramel Cheesecake
    16. Free Birthday Cake
    17 There are Child Friendly
    18. Their Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    19. Cocktails
    20. Customer’s Satisfaction
    ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬ ‪#‎TGIFPhils20thAnniversary‬

  13. Lennie Mungcal says:

    Lennie Mungcal

    20 Things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬
    1. Good Customer Service
    2. Ambiance
    3. Discounts & Promos
    4. Salads
    5. Desserts
    6. Cool Bartenders
    7. Food Presentation
    8. Free wifi
    9. bottomless drinks
    10. my favorite baby back ribs
    11. burgers
    12. Chicken fingers
    13. Kiddie meals
    14. special treat during birthday
    15. clean comfort room
    16. fast service
    17. friendly crew
    18. accessible location
    19. buffalo wings
    20. place that i really enjoy my food.

  14. emiliana says:

    1. Bacon Cheeseburger sliders
    2. Chicken Fingers
    3. Bottomless sodas
    4. babyback ribs
    5. awesome dips!!
    6. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    7. American fun vibe!!
    8. Kiddie Crew program
    9. Garlic chicken primavera
    10. Chicken quesadillas
    11. Mouthwatering desserts
    12. Mojito
    13. Fish and chips!!
    14. Fresh and unique drinks
    15. Kiddie crew program
    16. discounts and promotions
    17. Pinoy Meat Platter
    18. Oreo Madness
    19. Mocha Mudpie
    20. Brownie Obsession

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