Real Cohen Starts by Changing the Lifestyle

I am giving still alternative ways to do some weight loss solution as I deemed with high cholesterol level few months ago.    That is, keeping myself fit and healthy but at the same time enjoying my passion to food.

Apparently, I already share to you about Cohen in my other blog,

Developed by Dr. Rami Cohen, an international specialist renowned for his research on hormones involved in obesity and weight loss, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program encourages people battling the bulge to adopt a new lifestyle.

Based on every client’s unique blood profile, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre develops a personalized eating plan and teaches clients the right eating and sleeping habits to optimize the performance of the organs vital for metabolic processes. Without requiring exercise, injection, or intake of pills, the program delivers fast results, with clients averaging a loss of up to 8 to 10 lbs a month.

Is this only temporary after the program?

It is more on the lifestyle change that even after graduating from the program, many of its clients have been able to still maintain their ideal weights.

Among of them are:

  • Hair and makeup artist Jamee Padilla, who lost 71 lbs last year: “The Cohen program is different because it’s grounded heavily on the natural way of losing weight. It helps you get to know your body and teaches you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”
  • Gerry Francia, a top exec from a petrochemicals company, agrees a lot about the shift, saying, “The program instills lifestyle change, which begins in changing my mindset. It was not food before me anymore, but my medicine.” He lost 75 lbs in 2013.

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  • Erika Avancena, who lost 104 lbs from her 232 lb figure last year, cites the program’s systematic approach: “There is a guideline to follow and as long as you stick to it, you will lose weight.”

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They have the common denominator to continue to live by with Cohen principles, that is by embracing a healthy lifestyle and eventually, food becomes their medicine.

As I heard their stories, lessons I learned about food:

  • One can lose weight without depriving of any food as it allows you to eat almost any type of food. Just follow a diet that has been prepared.
  • One has to consume those foods in small doses – that is managing what you intake.
  • The diet reduces the daily intake of calories that focus more on eating fruits and vegetables that made you feel full right away. One can also eat lean meats, fish and seafood.



I think in every diet, one must be patient and committed in losing weight.

I am speaking of myself now. LOL!  Yes, there have been number of people who have been successful with this particular diet and I am glad to hear their stories that it is really possible to inherit a healthy lifestyle even the program is already finished.

Maybe for me I would like to pair it with regular exercise no matter what and  to optimize the result.

To learn more, visit their website

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