Organika – Celebrating Life in the Farm by Healthy Options

“Life is not living, but living in health.” ~ Martial


Healthy Options would always be my favorite one-stop shop in terms of natural food and products.

That’s why last week even my work schedule is quite full, I took the time to check what in store for 2013.

The event was launched at E’s Bar at Edsa Shangrila Hotel with a farm theme. Healthy Options will now offer organic vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken and eggs coming from local farmers.

Their mission is to provide the most nutritious, best-tasting and top-quality products to health-conscious Filipinos.

This is a remarkable move for Healthy Options because today, more than 75% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.

Launching these products into a farm is also renewing the commitment of giving the customers better choices for a better life. It is also a show of support to small organic farmers, healthy, humane and sustainable farming.

Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

From Laguna which is nestled at the foot of the scenic Mt. Banahaw and Majayjay Falls, the five-hectare organic farm is a promising local source of nutritious, flavorful, and top-quality products the store has been known for.

Expect the store’s shelves will carry organic vegetables and herbs that are planted and harvested by hand. Those are nurtured by sunlight, pure spring water, and organic compost yet fresh, tasty produce contain optimum nutrients.

Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

Part of the area, Healthy Options also showcases livestock-raising in an environment that cultivates their natural behavior and provides a better quality of life.

Their free range chickens can run around and forage for food, and are fed with wholesome grains, organic vegetable trimmings, and wild bugs and insects. Meanwhile, the pigs eat an all-natural diet of rice bran, duck weed, copra meal, fruits, and vegetables, and are raised in odor-free pens, with soft beddings made of soil, sawdust and carbonized rice hull. The stress-free environment allows natural instincts like foraging and scratching.


Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

Wit ths kind of naural environment, the animals lead a happy and healthy life, and are treated with care and respect. Eventually, they will be grown to an optimum weight at their own natural pace before they are slaughtered humanely, and are not subjected to any form of mutilation or cruelty.

Aside from offering superior meat and vegetable produce, Healthy Options is also proud to advocate farming that does not produce excessive waste or pollution, and results in a healthier ecosystem.

This is also one of my unforgettable destinations here in Laguna and given time I would like to come back to Majayjay every month just to see nature at its best. It is a right choice for Healthy Options to choose this habitat for healthy food.

Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

Healthy Options by Jinkee Umali of

With this commitment of delivering these cultivated yet natural products, Healthy Options guarantee freshness and quality that they are doing for more than a decade.

Until now I am still confused where I will put this post whether its in www.calamba-online or as it talks nature and life itself. Whatever it will be, still life has to take care by taking the right choice of food and at the same time considerations with nature.

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