Brekkie – Papaya and Calamansi

Everytime  I am out of town especially if I am availing a buffet breakfast, I ended my meal with Papaya and Calamansi on my table. Even I am home, I will not forget to buy papaya during my market day and share this with the family.

I like to squeeze my papaya with those calamansi and let those juices flow to it. Actually, I cannot eat my papaya without those calamansi – its a fusion for me and complete my meal especially in the morning.


Both are good source of of vitamin A, E and C. Have you seen some ingredients in a beauty soap – its papaya or calamansi or a combination of both.

These fruits are anti-oxidants giving the skin the moisture and protection it needs.

I remembered my mother using calamansi as a bleaching agent on mild stains of white garments. She even use this during her bath giving those smooth skin.

I am not on those skin effect. I am more on the nourishment inside – giving the vitamins I needed to perk up my day. It will be a bonus part if I got those radiant skin eating these fruits everyday.

Definitely, these tropical fruits are indeed a great alternative to be healthy. You can give it a try especially when you are eating your breakfast.

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