McDonald’s McSpicy Is Back

Bite into the McSpicy burger with juicy cut of 100% whole chicken meat, marinated with flavors—spiced just right topped with crunchy lettuce and creamy mayo, and sandwiched in toasted sesame bun

Weekend is kinda routine for the family.  What we did was to drive out and try hubby and kiddo fave – McChicken.  

Mcdonald's McSpicy is Back//

But idea is, putting spicy with their Chicken craving – the McSpicy and its back.


Still got the juicy taste but a kick of marinated blend of spicy flavors.  What more, crunchy lettuce and toasted sesame bun made it more rich in taste.

Mcdonald's McSpicy is Back//

The McFreeze, McDonald’s refreshing and icy drink, available in Frozen Coke and Frozen Royal are the best match for the comeback burger. Together with large as in large fries is also perfect partner.

Mcdonald's McSpicy is Back//

Just when everyone thought that McSpicy had been gone for too long, McDonald’s delights customers again with a new TV commercial featuring Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon, the rising loveteam popularly known as “McLisse.” 


As the awaited McSpicy returns to the McDonald’s menu, you can have it when you dine-in at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide or avail of it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app.)

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We just did!

Mcdonald's McSpicy is Back//

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