Street Food Meets Wine With Planet Grapes

Wine lovers can now enjoy international wine with Plant Grapes together with Filipino comfort food that delights more the local cuisine with a simple sip that made a meal an alluring culinary escapade.

I was clueless then when would be the next foodie meet-up. It was really been a while. Still, I got an occasional eat-up, it was on my backlog even I love those to be featured.

I was excited when I found out that Planet Grapes in River Park Alabang would be the venue, their new branch. We always passed this place everytime we go to Alabang Town Center. When hubby told me where this was specifically located, told him, it was in the fountain at the back of Festival Mall which I was longing to do some food chilling.


Funny, but I started to like drinking wine in my mid-30’s I suppose. I was involved in international implementation and every time we have simple eat either in an office (as in office and it’s just A-ok) or in a restau, wine will never be out.

Definitely, my fellow consultants will have a stock or order one bottle for sharing before we end our meal giving those simple chit-chat. This was also the the time I acquainted the pleasure of drinking wine with a meal and fully appreciate the taste.


With Planet Grapes meet-up, we will not be only drinking wine but also we will be educated the proper way of pairing it with food – from sumptuous food to street food and desserts.

Sharing this instruction to enjoyed more the proper way of wine drinking.




Among the wine that I tasted, Merlot (red wine) would always be my preferences because it always taste great when pairing with food. Do avoid it with fish or greens like veggies, it spiked the nuanced flavor and it will overwhelmed the taste experience.

For white wine, I highly recommending Chardonnay (white wine), creamy yet buttery which is good pairing w/ meat, veggies and especially cheese which I was looking then when I had a Planet Grapes tasting.


Street food like Squid Balls has a distinct version that has its extra-ordinary richness on how it was fried.


My fave is the Black Cod Steak w/ Fresh Mix Salad – not only refreshing to the the senses once you see it but exceptionally good yet simply done playing around with butter and spices while they are grilling it.


With Chicken and Pork Adobo, one would think this is ordinary but the mix of aromatic and sauce w/ those tender meats made it a fascinating dish at all.


I leave Chori Burger to hubby and got a bite of it. Juicy, oozing with tenderness made this heavy meal interesting.


For the dessert sampler, love more their sapin-sapin version in a cute bottle – innovative and prettified with those layers of different colors as the taste and texture didn’t mix together creating to each its own velvety taste.

Planet Grapes in Filinvest

Overall, the night of chilling w/ hubby and colleagues dining in w/ Planet Grapes made a wine lover and a foodie like me delighted w/ Filipino comfort food together with a spin of intergalactic spin on delicious dishes.

It was an adventurous meal afterall.




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