Chef Danny de la Cuesta of ComidaChef’s Gallery Cafe

COMIDAChef’s headed by Chef Danny de la Cuesta is  a simple, quaint diner hideaway is a multi-ethnic dining experience where different flavors clash on purpose.

It was a gastronomic Saturday weekend that after The Road Trippers’ Malabon Food Tour, I cannot say no to another invitation in Quezon City – visiting newly opened Art Gallery and a Cafe. It’s actually hitting two birds at the same time embracing my love to arts and food.

After our tour at Caballete’s Art Gallery, dinner was served and prepared personally by Chef Danny de la Cuesta.

Chef Danny de la Cuesta is a cross channel designer.  He has been designing fashion over 45 years; he curate events, style homes and build up efficient kitchens.  He also engineer recipes, he cook real food. He write with passion and he coach best by means of experiential reality training.

Chef Danny de la Cuesta of ComidaChef's Gallery Cafe

We have already tasted his pica-pica food served during our tour around w/ Cagbalete Art’s Gallery which I found it already amusing in terms of presentation and taste.

Located on the 2nd floor, this simple, quaint diner hideaway called COMIDAChef is a multi-ethnic dining experience where different flavors clash on purpose.

Chef Danny de la Cuesta of ComidaChef's Gallery Cafe

Here, cooking is at a crossroads where everything collides.  With the preparation of Chef Danny who serves comfort to those who demand new taste, thrills and culinary inventions, it is a spiked with regional preserves.

Like this Spalog, its Spaghetti Luglog in one infused with olive oil, herbs and spices.

Latija Comida  or Banana Truffle as dessert is one thing cannot be missed.  The oozing cinnamon flavor on top makes this mix of banana and milk a hearty dessert.

Caballete Gallery-5
This is actually my plate where hubby was with me and shoot it.

Meatballs in lemongrass stick is quite dry for me in taste.  Still, the marinated blended sauce that put within make it a flavorful dish.

One thing that I enjoyed among the food served was the soup which was like a sinigang but it’s not.  LOL!  Actually, I forgot the name but it is a blend of sour soup that made me finish my whole bowl in one seating.  Maybe, that is how it is good.

Chef Danny de la Cuesta of ComidaChef's Gallery Cafe


These are burger patties and Vigan Longganiza which they served late.   But then, the brine to mixed it made these two dishes so savory on its own.

Caballete Gallery-6

Aside from offering food at COMIDAChef, they have services like:

  • Restaurant Solutions  which is dedicated to helping food service establishments on start-up solutions like  menu engineering , recipe development, kitchen management and personal chef services
  • Signature Catering wherein they provides private catering for parties , meetings or convention as low as Php 150 per head minimum of 150 people as  they can set up to 7 kinds of dishes.

Overall, I love those menu served.

They have other healthier menus featuring “inherently nutritious items” full of fiber, omega-3, vitamins, and antioxidants which I like to try, a sample of it for my next visit.

Thanks also for giving us this bag full of delectable goodies like balsamic vinegar, atchara, etc. making our meal more luscious and palatable as Chef Danny’s Kitchen delights personally made it.

Location is at 2nd floor, 111-A Kamias Rd., Brgy. Malaya 4, Quezon City

Landmark is Caballete Artist’s Gallery
Contact Nos: (02) 945 25 73 / (0927) 2600 700

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