Refreshing Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat keeps us hydrated longer.

Even my work is always on the desk, still, I am using mental performance. That means even if  I don’t exert effort physically, I am prone for dehydration which is the reason I put a drink beside my laptop.


One example is Pocari Sweat.

Pocari Sweat, is a health drink that replenishes water and electrolytes in the body that sometimes we lost through perspiration. It is the most suitable drink for people going through dehydration especially during summer.

I have learned more with this drink when I got the chance to attend their run event last year.

Aside from water, Pocari Sweat also contains electrolyte minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. These electrolytes are lost by the body during perspiration. It is not enough to drink water alone because these electrolytes should be replenished to prevent spontaneous dehydration.

From there, it contains the right amount of electrolyte minerals to replace what we lose when we sweat during sports activities and  exercise like running.

Until now, I find time to run especially every Friday.  Instead of stressing myself to traffic, I would rather take a quick run bringing with me my Pocari sweat.

Refreshing Pocari Sweat

With the intake of this health drink, it keeps me hydrated longer and effectively maintains the fluid balance of my body.  This would later attain the optimum physical and mental performance.

Sharing to you my quick 1-hour run last Friday.  To enjoy it more, have watched Lights and Sounds in Ayala Triangle in between while running.

Refreshing Pocari Sweat

Refreshing Pocari Sweat

Thanks again Pocari Sweat.    Definitely, I know that my body absorb the ideal balance of glucose and salt – my first aid drink to prevent dehydration.

For more information, visit their website:
Refreshing Pocari Sweat

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