Zubuchon Degustation

I love the location of our hotel here in Cebu – near foodie places where I can dropped off just by walking. Example of one of those famous restaurant is Zubuchon located at Mango Avenue.

I usually buy this in  frozen packed in a box at the Mactan airport near the pre-departure lounge as a treat to my family and relatives just to get the feel of what Cebu can offer.   

As we dine in, definitely the  first order will be their famous Zubuchon.    I requested to add more roasted crispy skin just to feel the crunch for each bite.  I find their lechon less in fat where induced  spices and herbs are evident once you tasted it. 

My colleague even asked the liver sauce for dipping which was common in the metro.  But not here in Cebu.  They dipped their lechon in a vinegar full of spices.



Zubuchon, Price is P490 for 1 kilo and P260 for half  kilo 

We got to try also one of their budget meal like a bowl of lechon paksiw with rice.  

Lechon Paksiw

Recommended Vegetable Dishes:

Me and fellow consultant ordered this Ginataang Langka topped with Daing Lapu Lapu.   For me, it lacks the kick of coconut creaminess which is the prominent ingredient in a “gata” although the chunkiness of langka strips is there.  It is more on a sauteed dish.  First time to see that seeds of langka can also be put in this dish as part of the ingredient which was thinly sliced.     

Ginataang Langka, Price is P 160.00

This adobong kangkong meal becomes sooo special because of those topped chicharon and lechon slices.  Now this gives me the idea on what to do with my left-over lechon treats.  Those induced garlicky flavor spiced up also this veggie meal.    

Adobong Kangkong


Completing my meal with Banana Turon dipped in Dulce de Leche – a sping roll with ripe saba banana that is popular as a street snack.  I thought it would 2 – 3 pieces which came up with 6 pieces in one serving.  I have to bought some of them back to the hotel. 

One has to eat it hot to retain its crunchiness and savor its goodness.  Banana Turon is already sweet but to sunk it with dulce de leche becomes it sweeter.  Anyway, as you can see no brown sugar added.  I suppose those sauce add  some kind of  twist in eating turon.  

Banaba Turon with Dulce de Leche

Sipping here is Zubuchon famous Kamias Shake which complimented those sweet and sour flavor in a drink.  I remembered hubby’s backyard then was full of kamias in a tree and we ate it with salt.  First time to know that this kamias can be transformed into a refreshing shake.


Kamias Shake

I found this mineral bottled water quite innovative where one can still use it even this is empty.


For treats, one can also buy those chicharon ready at the counter.



One Mango Mall, Gen Maxilom Ave
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

For more information, check their:

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Zubuchon/187045978068913

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