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My rush up in a week’s regular day is always on the go especially if I will be coming to the metro.

If time permits, I can prepare my food either its lunch, a pasta or just bring a sandwich.  My gusto to food would be a combination of veggies or seafood.   If I felt I have a hefty day, then heavy meal will be a must for me like meats.

How about if I cannot really find time to prepare for a meal?

For more than a year now, my one-stop-shop for food on the go is The Sandwich Guy aka TSG – a hearty snack that goes along with me yet a comforting dishes and a glorious meal – as in all in one!

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Name it, I am all over their branches – from Mckinley, Cybergate, Eastwood and even SM Megamall where my consultancy location gig took me in.  LOL!

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There are many fast food and restaurants around actually to choose from. But what is the reason behind why I love their food servings.

    • Healthy as TSG bakes their own whole wheat  Hexagon bread.

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  • Uses only fresh and organic ingredients.
  • Price is also affordable from sandwich to pasta where  prices are ranging between P 55.00 to P 130.00.
  • Pasta is on-the-go placed in a microwaveable container which I can re-heat if  I left some of it for future eating.

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Here are some of the food that I always took in:

Tommy Boy Price is P 70.00
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Love the simplicity of this pasta – a surprise ingredient sauteed in garlic and olive oil topped with fresh tomatoes and cheese , rich in taste yet so zesty.

Crabstick and Mangoes Price is P 85.00

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If you think Kani is just for sushis and salads, Crab stick and Mangoes Sandwich of TSG is one of my favorites.

Those sliced yellow mango and shredded orange crab sticks made a colorful textures that gave a flavor of harmony.

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The veggies like tomato, cucumber, lettuce inside and dressings are sprinkled all over with crunchiness getting those cool feeling.  Those symphony of ingredients made this sandwich so sweet and crispy yet light and filling.  For me, its heavenly!

TSG Big Time Price is P 130.00

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TSG Bigtime is a triple decker sandwich with deli meats of ham, bacon and roastbeef. To make it more healthy, luscious servings of veggies like lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes   are visible. Adding those cheese and mayo completed the satisfaction feeling of what a meal deserves.

Cheezy Bacon Baked Potato P 70.00

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To complete the meal more, those cutest golden little sweet potato topped with crispy bacon bits is versatile yet comforting, a very filling dish especially those oozing rich, savory melted cheese is all over with it.

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Seafood Pesto Price is P 95.00
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This pesto is a little different from the standard variety.  For me, the taste standout because it has less oil.  The topped nuts and crab stick blended well with that garlicky flavor which accentuates well with the basil.  I even included a chicken bits to make it more complete in taste.

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Definitely, I love how they prepare their variety of sandwiches.

Even there are lot of ingredients inside, the sandwich doesn’t came out soggy.  The staffs knows how to play around with wet and dry ingredients.  They also recognize the importance of setting up the right temperature on the grill giving those sandwiches a WOW feeling  – a touch of elegance I may say.

At the end, eating some of a clean plant-based diet felt really healthy.  After those light meals, TSG  is the time to splurge a little.

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I got to bump this Malunggay Coffee at TSG Robinson Cybergate.  Eating veggies with my coffee is something to look for as my taste buds tickles those refreshing aroma to start my day.

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