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One of my long dream bucket lists as a foodie is to enroll in a culinary school formally to get more the hypes of cooking and baking.

I know I am old enough to enroll in a school but I still believe that learning do not stop in a certain age.  Still even you know everything, there is always an opportunity to new knowledge to keep those passion going.

A school that I am considering to get some short-term courses is Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila.
Center for Culinary Arts Manila


Because Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) is one of the top culinary education institution in the Philippines for 16 long years.  Graduates of the said food school are also making names here and abroad.

Center for Culinary Arts-45

I am fortunate to be invited on the launching of their new facilities last August 23, 2012 located at Katipunan campus branch to improved their way up crafting the quality of culinary arts education in the country.

Center for Culinary Arts


Highlighting now their new facilities:

1.  The Coffee Academy

Actually, I stayed long here as this is my favorite among the three.   The Coffee Academy signal the start of a groundbreaking course focused on the wonders of coffee and the creation of various coffee-based concoctions. I was hued also by the wide array of coffee making courses  that CCA is offering – from the ABC of Espresso Making to a world-class “prepare and serve Espresso Coffee” course.

During my visit, I got to see the full demo on how to make a frothy cappuccino with their espresso machine.

Apology that some of my pictures were bit blurry as I was listening and at the same time, taking those photos which made my hand moving to get those precise shots.

More so, I  understand now how tedious to do a one cup of coffee – from grinding the fresh beans, using the amount of ground coffee, packing the espresso filter correctly, steam the milk and how to pour it to get those leafy style.

Center for Culinary Arts-11

Center for Culinary Arts-12

Center for Culinary Arts-13

Center for Culinary Arts-14

Center for Culinary Arts-15

Center for Culinary Arts-16

The verdict!  Here it is – my perfect cup of cappuccino.    I love the whole fresh taste of getting your coffee pronto even it took me for 15 minutes before it was served to me.

If that is really how to prepare this coffee, it’s really worth a wait – the right creaminess that goes to those double shot espresso made my day complete!
Center for Culinary Arts-17

To make the coffee more enjoyable to drink, we were feasted by different food to partner around showcasing the talents of culinary people from presentation to the delectable variety taste.
Center for Culinary Arts-1

Center for Culinary Arts-2

Center for Culinary Arts-4

Center for Culinary Arts-7

The Coffee Academy is in partnership with the Coffee Academy of the William Angliss Institute based in Melbourne, Australia.

Contact No:  0917 – 365 9101
Email Address:


2.  Culinary Research Institute

The Culinary Research Institute applies the food science principles to culinary technology to provide solutions to food service operations. Studies will conncentrate on commissary production, banqueting, hotel and restaurant chains and contract catering.

This would focus on individuals with culinary background – the expertise to supervise research studies with interest in food science and technology.
Center for Culinary Arts-44

Center for Culinary Arts-31

What made me amazed during my tour around is for me to be educated on the different salts available.  I only knew rock salt and salt water.  Varieties of mineral salt were showcased and a structure of those white figured salt.
Center for Culinary Arts-39
Center for Culinary Arts-40

Center for Culinary Arts-41

Center for Culinary Arts-42

If pastries were served at the coffee academy, here we munched different chocolate flavors.

I just lot of water to drink even some of it was not that too sweet!

Center for Culinary Arts-33

Center for Culinary Arts-34

Center for Culinary Arts-35

Center for Culinary Arts-36

Center for Culinary Arts-37

Contact Information : 0916-391 6800

3.  CCA Grand Kitchen

Th Grand Kitchen is CCA’s commitment to upgrade more their facilities in culinary education thus bringing a more spacious yet modern laboratory.

Through this new development, the said facility would harness more the practical skills of students learned in the kitchen fulfilling those culinary dreams.

Center for Culinary Arts-29

Center for Culinary Arts-25

We tasted again different set of food here like sushi, barbeque food and hamburger.

I was also amazed on how they simply present the food with those banana family plants.

Center for Culinary Arts-26

Center for Culinary Arts-27

Center for Culinary Arts-28

Center for Culinary Arts-30

Now that was how I ended my tour at Center for Culinary Arts – an opportunity to see and learn yet educative to a food enthusiast like me.

Like to end my post with this quote I saw at the kitchen.   Really make sense!

“I think the biggest thing is clean as you go. Wash all your knives, cutting boards, dishes, when you are done cooking, not look at a sink full of dishes after you are done. Cleaning as you go helps keep away cross contamination and you avoid having food borne bacteria.”

Center for Culinary Arts-24

Center for Culinary Arts is located at 287 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines.

For inquiries, call 994-2530/40 or 426-4840/41; SMS: 0906-2794095 (Agatha) or (Martha)

For more information, visit their:

Facebook Page:

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  1. Hi! I would like to thank you for this great post! you’re always welcome to drop by the Academy!
    You can check out more at our FB page 🙂
    We’ll get your cappuccino to you in lesser time, we promise 🙂

    1. fots01 says:

      LOL! Uy I enjoyed the cappuccino, as in! It’s ok if I wait if the taste is soo freshly done..Again, thanks, thanks for the invite.

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