Mushroom On-The-Go

Mushroom Oyster is a low fat vegetarian recipe yet sooo healthy!

My always alternative for pork or beef will be mushroom.  Example if my kiddos were requesting spaghetti, I used the sliced button mushroom instead of hotdog or ground meat.

One time, when we traveled along Calauan, Laguna, some of the folks there were selling oyster and milky mushroom.  It was an alternative livelihood to the people there maximizing the use of their backyard and once grow, they pick it up, clean it and sold it along the way.


I usually get this kind of mushroom at Legaspi Market at the price of P 100.00 for 250 grams.  I don’t know how grams I got from Calauan which sold in plastic but have bought two plastics for P 150.00.  Anyway, this is also a way of assisting those folks around, so it just A-ok.

For easy preparation, I prefer to saute it with lot of garlic and spoonful of oyster sauce or soy sauce.

Mushroom with Oyster / Soy Sauce



minced garlic
3 tbsp. oil / butter
250 grams of mushroom (oyster or milky type)
3 tbsp. oyster sauce
2 tbsp. water
3 tbsp. soy sauce


1.  In a pan w/ oil  / butter in medium heat, saute the garlic until turns brown.  I usually put a lot as a lot of garlic and separate half of it to top it later once plated.

2.  Put all the mushroom.

3.  Pour all the liquids (oyster sauce, soy sauce, water) and mix all the ingredients.

4. Mushrooms are easy to cook.  Once the liquid bubbles, remove it from the heat.

Note: To make it more irresistibly good, you can pour in Chinese rice wine.

Easy-peasy, low fat vegetarian recipe yet sooo healthy!

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