Delightful Cooking with King Sue

Deli Items like King Sue products has great applications to different dishes with reasonably priced ingredients and good quality.

Internationally renowned Chef Gene Gonzalez cooks up traditional favorites and sumptuous innovations with a King Sue twist at his flagship ancestral home turned restaurant for King Sue’s Pre-Holiday Media Lunch last September 4, Wednesday, at Café Ysabel attended by my husband and son.

King Sue Ham

King Sue Ham

Chef Gene created a delicious version of Vietnamese Banh Mi with King Sue Pear Shaped Ham.   With the perfect blend of herbs, spices, a dash of vinegar and sugar, this cooking demonstration was a sure favorite with the crowd.

King Sue

He pays tribute to King Sue products which have been a staple fare on the dining table as well as in his kitchen.

King Sue has been there at home ever since. He’d wake up to bacon for breakfasts as a student, enjoy Chinese ham during holiday festivities with the family and rely on Chinese sausage for his Asian cooking and for his culinary school.

King Sue Ham

His cooking secrets wiht King Sue?

– “I also like their dried pork feet, which goes into my Spanish cooking and to my superior stock that gives my Chinese dishes authenticity”

– “Rather than glaze a ham, you can braise it in a mix of vegetables and wine and the broken down vegetable puree acts as the sauce”

– “The dried pork feet are truly excellent for beans, fabada, and stews along with Spanish chorizos for Filipino-Spanish combinations”

– “The burgers can be redone with herbs to create meatball”

– “Luncheon meat has hundreds of applications as fillings for Vietnamese and German cooking”

I would like to try this simple dish slicing those hams with vegetables inside and roll it with pita bread.

King Sue Ham

Hobby cooks and consultant could readily resort to King Sue when their or their client’s budgets get a bit tight so as to avoid sacrificing taste and flavor.

Their products are not only popularly available and dependable, they are also very versatile. It also withstood the test of time and changing markets yet reasonably priced for such top quality.

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