Christmas Gathering with King Sue

During Christmas gathering, part of Filipino tradition is to make the dining tables with bountiful mix of foods. One food that is always presen is the Christmas Ham.

Example of the brand is King Sue ham – premium quality that are sure to suit every palate, budget, and preference.

From the popular Chinese Ham Bone-In, Pina Ham, Sweet Ham, Hawaiian Ham, to its Pear-Shaped Ham, there’s a ham for everyone. It can also be enjoyed not just during the Christmas season but all year round as well.

It is no surprise then that Filipinos who wish to make a lasting impression to special people in their lives choose to either serve these during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and most often give these as gifts during the season.

A ham is a part of Filipino Christmas tradition as the quezo de bola and the various lucky round fruits and its quest to satisfy the Filipino taste and their ever-changing lifestyle will always be at its core values.

If you want to delight your guests with “A Taste Fit for a King”, then get a King Sue Ham on your dining tables this Christmas season.

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