Figaro’s New Pasta Meal

One of our favorite coffee shop as in eversince is Figaro. Maybe because Figaro is our favorite hang-out with fellow colleagues in I.T. consulting as their desserts and pasta are very rich in flavor. Among our favorites are pudding and Pasta A La Carlo. Any branch whenever we were assigned, there were Figaro we can bond and talked during our meal time.

Figaro Pasta Ala Carlo
Pasta Ala Carlo, Price is P 200.00

Great to know that Figaro offered different new pasta for this November – a different food escapade we can play around with taste and something to add to our set of favorites.

All new paste are served with focaccia bread.

First was the Seafood Pomarola. Among the three new pasta offering, this is a thumbs-up for me.

Figaro New Pasta Meal
Seafood Pomarola, Price is P 180.00

Besides that I really love seafood, the combination of linguini, seafoods and sauce resulted to a fragrant and flavourful meal to give those mouthwatering taste even I find it too oily. Maybe because the ingredients use in this sauce is tasty and fresh. Pomarola is a distinct Italian sauce deeply thicken by sun-ripened fresh tomatoes together with basil and olive oil. I considered this also a healthy pasta – an excellent source of lycopene with tomatoes.

Next is the Meaty Lasagna. This layers of pasta with meaty creamy sauce topped with melted cheese are abundant in taste and generously spread all over. One can think that the slice is too small but actually its heavy in the stomach.

Figaro New Pasta Meal
Meaty Lasagna, Price is P 200.00

Last was Chicken Parmigiana, a pene pasta with tomato sauce and cheese topped with breaded strips of fried crumbled chicken cutlets. I find this pasta little bit of a dry. When we say parmigiana, my expectation is baked. Anyway, hope they can improve with this recipe to give a little bit of zing.
Figaro New Pasta Meal

Chicken Parmigiana, Price is P 180.00

At the moment, Figaro got a promo which I personally availed using my BDO credit card – buy one, take one either coffee or bakers.

Bakers consist of four slices of baguette with melted cheese like ham or mushroom topped with cheese. Because of this, I got eight slices of bakers which is great for sharing.

Figaro Pasta Ala Carlo and Bakers

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